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In 1933, the typical German citizen piled his money into a wheel barrel simply to purchase one loaf of bread. Desperation, crime, and corruption ruled the day. Six years later, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.

What does the burgeoning world debt imply to our future? What concerning the yearly multi-trillion dollar U.S. deficits? What alerts are hinting that economies around the globe may be growing unstable? Are we being led to the trough of complacency by a systematic program of propaganda? Or are our leaders so blinded by the shadow of Gigantor that they can’t see the monster, therefore they refuse to admit that he is true there, standing over them, about to devour them… and us as effectively?

These questions should not new. They were asked during the Reagan and Bush administrations when deficits had been a mere three billion dollars per yr. As we speak, as we method the second year of the Obama administration, deficits are predicted to achieve 2.5 trillion, and there is no finish in sight. Even the most insightful amongst us can’t imagine a trillion dollars, making the thought of 2.5 trillion the stuff of fiction. In truth, it seems the thought that trillion-greenback-deficits might trigger, and even contributing to, financial collapse is analogous to the solar going dark — not within the realm of human conceivability.

What’s going to it take to rally a name to motion? The next postulation describing what may occur if the industrialized nations, including the United States, start defaulting on their debt, may lend a sense of urgency to the looming crisis. The events described, although based mostly in truth, are hypothetical, however all of history was, at one time, hypothetical…till it happened.

The economies of the European Union(EU), whereas still reeling from their recent bailout of Greece, begin a tailspin when Spain declares it should default on its upcoming debt repayment to the (EU). Following the Spanish announcement, and regardless of the latest mortgage to Greece of simply over 100 billion Euros, Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou makes a shock announcement that he will resign amidst accusations that he grossly understated Greece’s projected deficits for the year. In an attempt to stabilize markets, the President of the United States declares that the US, along with the IMF (Worldwide Financial Fund) and the EU, will come to the aid of Spain and Greece to forestall any declarations of default.

Within days, Moody’s reduces Portugal’s bond rating and downgrades eight Portuguese banks. These developments immediate an opportune albeit unbalanced reaction among the Center East Oil Producing nations which incorporates Venezuela. This considerations are voiced by Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. The Saudis reluctantly call an emergency assembly of OPEC. The result’s a shocking curtailment of oil shipments to a chosen listing of European and Asian countries, together with Japan and South Korea. The move is harshly criticized by the US, its allies and the worldwide media. Nonetheless, the effected governments scramble to place a constructive spin on OPEC’s political bombshell.

The ball falls further when two of America’s largest banks, inside a day of one another, announce cash reserve imbalances because of the European and Asian debt disaster. Not per week goes by earlier than a leak to the press discloses that one other major US bank is not going to have the cash reserves to cover withdrawals. At the next day’s opening of securities and commodities markets, fast selling begins. Though not characterized by the media as panic promoting, financial news analysts sound frightened, which causes the ever distrustful and recession weary folks, in towns throughout the United States, to make a mad dash to withdraw their money from their accounts. Financial establishments, large and small, begin to shut their doorways and, in some instances, chain and barricade them. Several cases of bank workers being shot and killed hit the news. Panic races by the populations of the world with venomous speed. The US President reiterates the Central Authorities’s intention to fulfill the obligations of the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC). All individual losses incurred from failed banks can be backed by up to two hundred thousand dollars. This alleviates the panic for a day or so, however the devastation finished by falling inventory markets and the failure of some banks to reopen their branches results in growing uncertainty and waning confidence in the monetary programs. The trading of foreign money is halted and the bottom begins to fall out of most of the most important world markets.

China, confronted with a growing concern that US debt repayments will, in all likelihood, be lowered or stopped altogether, launches its military into Taiwan as a diversion to its invasion of the Russian frontier, where it intends to secure the Sevastyanovo oil fields in japanese Siberia. The newly found fields hold reserves of over a hundred and fifty million metric tons of oil. The United States and NATO condemn the blatant and dangerous act of aggression. The US, nonetheless, has no selection however to declare its treaty with Taiwan indefensible. The world is in shock as the most powerful country in history reneges on its protection treaty with Taiwan. In the meantime, the US dispatches further army personnel and equipment to the Middle East to insure the uninterrupted move of oil for the US and its allies. Many of the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs have still not gone again on-line after the BP (British Petroleum) oil spill of 2010. Because of that spill, the US governments cancelled off shore drilling leases and slowed manufacturing of crude oil from existing platforms till safety and environmental issues have been investigated.

Europe, together with England and the Scandinavian countries, are experiencing rioting. The United States goes to full army alert. The President’s next announcement is that, under the current circumstances and in the curiosity of national safety, the nationwide protection oil reserves cannot and will not be used for civilian functions. Oil prices skyrocket. Inside 5 days, 30% of trucking involves a halt. Many rigs are hello-jacked, looted, and burned. Grocery retailer shelves grow emptier by the day. Not a gun might be found for purchase, and even when one may very well be purchased, ammunition at Wal-Mart, the largest retailer of guns and ammunition has been sold out for weeks. Smaller shops are additionally with out stock.

Brazil attacks Mexico as pro-army president, Lula Da Silva, takes the Mexican military by surprise and overruns the nation in less than every week. Lula Da Silva makes a short statement after the invasion stating that Brazil was appearing on behalf of the Conselho Sul-Americano de Defesa (CSD – South American Defense Council). The Brazilian military secures Mexico’s oil amenities whereas amassing heavy artillery, air defenses, and troops along the US, Mexican border. Argentina, in turn, broadcasts its alliance with Brazil and the existence of a jointly developed nuclear submarine.

The border between Canada and the US becomes blurred as Canada seeks to distance itself from international affairs, however quickly it secures its borders to cease the large influx of Americans fleeing the deteriorating urban areas.

With lots of of banks closed, ATM’s, automatic funds of welfare advantages, pension benefits, Social Safety, and public and personal payroll deposits literally dry up. The President has no choice however to declare Marshal Law. The National Guard, already out in force in most states, is joined by the military in an effort to keep up order in the cities and outlying areas. Washington DC erupts with rioting. Within weeks, people across the country and in most regions of the world start to run out of supplies. Electrical and fuel firms, and different basic city services, start to shut down in urban areas. Over the next few weeks, rural electrical grids additionally start to fail. There are major outages of cellular telephone service. Airports are jammed with folks trying to flee the cities. Highways are gridlocked. Local governments try to take care of order by filling the wants of its residents, however quickly the onrush of chaos fueled by fundamental human needs and self-preservation takes over.

Russia fails to stave off the Chinese language invasion and threatens nuclear assault. China ignores the warning. The US again tries to take the lead by organizing a meeting of the G8 to be held in the Azores. The assembly is a failure and no consensus of what ought to be achieved to result in stability might be reached. The delegations go away the island after lower than twenty 4 hours. There are not any negotiations with China.

The US Congress is moved out of Washington DC to undisclosed protected locations around the country, and emergency protection systems and communications go into place. Air Power One does not land however stays air-born whereas the Speaker of the Home and the Vice President’s whereabouts are stored top-secret.

The US President declares that the United States will defend its sovereignty and world pursuits to the fullest extent. In the same speech, he makes a determined attraction for all nations to work towards discovering an answer to the cascading world catastrophe. Three days later, the United States shuts down the worldwide Positioning System (GPS) and subsequently orders Cisco Corporation to arrange to enact server codes that will curtail civilian and foreign web communications. Microsoft and Apple Corporations are equally ordered to be able to implement extremely prime secret nationwide safety codes if and when the President decides to selectively shut down pc working techniques around the globe. The monetary markets, having been in free fall for weeks, completely implode.

Russia launches an extended-vary ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead into the Peoples Republic of China, destroying the Three Gorges Dam, in Hubei Province, subsequently releasing 22 billion cubic meters of flood water into the Yangtze River. 1000’s die.

The US military moves into tactical positions and prepares for battle. Anarchy sweeps the nation.

Egypt and Syria meet in Tehran, the Iranian capital. The assembly is successful. Iran will not launch its nuclear weapons at Israel. As an alternative Syria and Egypt will coordinate a standard assault to remove the country of Israel from the Middle East permanently.

It’s naive to suppose such events cannot occur. We pray they don’t, but hopes and prayers will not be sufficient on this case. Immediate motion is required to chop spending and cut back taxes. Please, write to your Senator. Write to your congressman. Write to the President of the United States. Become involved.

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