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Varnish Issues Resolved With Electrostatic Oil Conditioners

Varnish is an inevitable enemy of hydraulic control and lubricating oil methods. Nevertheless, its presence and influence on a machine might be resolved by means of using an electrostatic oil filtration system.

Together with tar and sludge, varnish is without doubt one of the byproducts of oxidation, a chemical process initiated by the friction and heat of working a hydraulic or lubricating oil machine. This friction and heat trigger the quality of a machine’s lubricating oil to deteriorate over time. Other elements contributing to oil degradation embody water contamination, implosion of air bubbles and static discharge from mechanical filters.

As soon as this degradation occurs, byproducts from the oil will begin to settle throughout the system. Sooner or later, these byproducts will attach to the surfaces of a machine, forming the sticky coating generally known as varnish. The presence of varnish also attracts weekly crude oil inventory other contaminants, forming an abrasive surface on piping, valves, filters and other parts that are very important to a machine’s efficiency.

Some performance issues attributable to varnish that may result in hefty maintenance prices embrace:
Sticking of directional valves and other movable components
Acceleration of wear and tear brought on by contaminant construct-up in varnish
Increased friction, heat and energy
Diminished filter efficiency

Standard Cleansing Methods and Oil Analysis Tests
Despite advances in hydraulic and lubricating oil system expertise, varnish issues remain a efficiency threat to machines outdated and new. Moreover, oil analysis checks have been proven unreliable or limited at greatest in determining a machine’s potential varnish levels.

As for removing present contaminants, typical cleaning strategies comparable to detergents, mechanical filters and vacuum dehydrators have had combined outcomes. These strategies are effective in eradicating water and hard contaminants massive and delicate. However, the molecular measurement of the byproducts chargeable for forming varnish is simply too small for removing by these methods.

Moreover, oil passing through mechanical filter media has been found to generate static electricity that can cause spark discharges and speed up oil oxidation leading to hydraulic system failure.

Electrostatic Oil Conditioners
Electrostatic cleaners are effective in lowering the presence of each micron-sized contaminants and byproducts from oil oxidation in hydraulic and lubricating oil techniques. The simplest electrostatic oil filtration methods utilize gradient pressure, allowing it to benefit from the pure charge that each contaminant accommodates to attract them toward oppositely charged collector surfaces. Because the oil weekly crude oil inventory flows freely via the system, Kleentek removes the contaminants, submicronic particles, mud, dirt and products of oil oxidation, including tars and varnishes. These contaminants are trapped on the collector surfaces for straightforward disposal.

Upon set up of the Kleentek electrostatic oil conditioners, oil is drawn from the main reservoir at low velocity into the electrostatic collector which regularly removes the submicronic in addition to bigger contaminants from the reservoir. Because the cleaned oil from the reservoir is circulated by means of the lubrication system, it will then begin to strip away any sludge, varnish and different contaminants on the inside surfaces throughout the system. High quality electrostatic filtration techniques have been recognized to resolve varnish-associated performance issues, such as sticky valves, in as little as fourteen days.

The top result’s a high-efficiency machine operating courtesy of an oil filtration system that requires the minimal maintenance of an occasional collector replacement.
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Joe Topmiller, Technical Gross sales Manager at United Air Specialists (UAS), is the writer of this article about electrostatic oil conditioners and their use in oil filtration. UAS manufactures Kleentek electrostatic oil conditioning methods, which characteristic an progressive design that uses the rules of electrostatics to gather oil oxidation, tar and varnish contaminants from the oil.

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