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John W. Kennedy Company Completes 85 Years Of Exceptional Service Within the Petroleum Industry

Tank liquid distributorOctober 17, 2015, Rhode Island–Premier provider of petroleum equipment and gas station supplies, John W. Kennedy Company has successfully completed 85 years of service in the industry.With its products, the corporate has provided thousands of fuel stations with high-end equipment and repair station solutions to advertise safe and secure business practices in the petroleum industry.

John W. Kennedy Company, established since 1930, is without doubt one of the leading petroleum equipment and supplies companies. The corporate offers a full line of service station equipment and gas station supplies, starting from storage tanks to paper, ribbons, and filters. Besides this, the corporate provides expert regional warranty service and support to make sure safe installation and maintenance of equipment. Using their expertise and knowledge,gained from the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers, the company’s technical staff makes sure that all of their clients’ needs are met on time and with efficiency.

Speaking about John W. Kennedy Company’s completion of 85 years of service, the spokesperson for the company stated, “With 85 years of service, John W. Kennedy Company has become one of the leading names in the industry. We’re extremely pleased to have provided gas stations with the best quality of equipment and supplies in a convenient and efficient way.John W. Kennedy Company has always aimed toward safeguarding the integrity of companies and that is the rationale why our clients have faith in our services.It is because of their support and unwavering trust that now we have become some of the preferred choices of a few of the leading petroleum marketing and united states oil demand distribution companies, gas station businesses, and repair stations.”

Because of the increasing environmental regulations requirements, running a petroleum business has become much more challenging than ever before. Keeping that in mind, the corporate always makes sure to deliver solutions that supply maximum safety and protection not only to the users, but additionally to the environment.

As John W. Kennedy Company feels strongly about helping businesses deal with compliance issues, the company has partnered with the top manufacturers of petroleum equipment and gas station equipment united states oil demand to ensure all products meet today’s tough government standards. By choosing responsible partners, not only are we trying to protect a business’ bottom line, but also enabling them to reduce their negative impact on the environment.”

John W. Kennedy further plans to determine a comprehensive online store by early 2016 to allow united states oil demand its customers to position their orders online and get their products delivered in a timely manner.

About John W. Kennedy Company
John W. Kennedy Company is an internet storefront that gives a variety of petroleum equipment and gas station supplies. The company’s range of products includes storage tanks, tank safety equipment, POS system, filling pumps and supplies, lighting system, and lots of other related items.

Contact Details
Address: John W. Kennedy Company
990 Waterman Ave

East Providence,
R.I. 02914

Phone Number: (800) 451-4021
Fax: (401) 434-0630

Regional Offices
51 Carey Circle – Hampden, Maine 04444 – Ph. (888) 667-0667 – Fax (207) 942-3197

60 Sindle Ave – Little Falls, NJ 07424 – Ph. (888) 786-7077 – Fax (973) 256-8846
408 East Montpelier Road – Montpelier, VT 05601 – Ph. (800) 754-2413 – Fax (802) 224-9022

3320 Vineland Road – Orlando, FL 32811 – Ph. (877) 835-8885 – Fax (407) 835-8881