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Listing Of Nations By Proven Oil Reserves

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That is a list of international locations by proven oil reserves. Coal Proven reserves are those portions of petroleum which, refining of petroleum wikipedia fr by evaluation of geological and engineering information, might be estimated, with a high degree of confidence, to be commercially recoverable from a given date forward from recognized reservoirs and beneath present financial situations.

Some statistics on this web page are disputed and controversial. Totally different sources (OPEC, CIA World Factbook, oil firms) give different figures. Among the variations reflect several types of oil included. Totally different estimates could or may not embody oil shale, mined oil sands or pure refining of petroleum wikipedia fr fuel liquids.

As a result of proven reserves embody oil refining of petroleum wikipedia fr recoverable beneath present economic conditions, nations may see giant will increase in proven reserves when identified, however beforehand uneconomic deposits grow to be financial to develop. In this manner, Canada’s confirmed reserves increased all of the sudden in 2003 when the oil sands of Alberta have been seen to be economically viable. Similarly, Venezuela’s confirmed reserves jumped within the late 2000s when the heavy oil of the Orinoco was judged economic.

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