Wow, what a week in the information; Eliot Spitzer, Geraldine Ferraro, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, and gas prices leaping to file highs.

What impact do these individuals and events have upon the housing market? Loads. Experts had been surprised this week to be taught that the predicted improve in retail sales in February never materialized as retail sales fell .6% p.c. What drives the financial system? Consumer spending. It seems the upper price of vitality and meals is inflicting the American client to drag again on non-important spending. Something we predicted on January 5th may occur. Nicely it has occurred.

Shopper confidence has been shaken with this sharp rise in gas costs. For my part the sleazy political tales about Spitzer and the Democrat Occasion major marketing campaign aren’t precisely confidence boosters. Low shopper confidence combined with eroding disposable incomes will impression home gross sales. If shoppers are pulling back on small purchases, what do you think they are doing about large purchases?

This year goes to affect the economy and your pocketbooks in a massively damaging means unless People wake up and take optimistic actions on two fronts; power and taxes. In my view governments, local, state or federal don’t have a money problem they’ve a spending downside. We have now excessive prices for energy due to the failure of our government to implement significant vitality policies, bowing to the needs of the environmental and tourist lobbies.

Though revenues to Illinois have increased at twice the rate of inflation the past 5 years, senate Democrats are proposing a 2% increase within the income tax, and an increase in company taxes that can be handed along to you thru higher prices.

On the federal stage each Democrat candidates will permit the Bush tax cuts to expire raising taxes on households of four, earning $50,000 a year, by over $2000. Concurrently both candidates are proposing about one trillion dollars in new packages.

When will people say enough is enough about bloated authorities, larger taxes, and overspending?

When will the American individuals say sufficient is sufficient as they dig into their pockets paying $3.50 a gallon for gasoline? When folks learn the reality about why gasoline costs are so excessive. Share the following five explanation why fuel, and vitality costs are so excessive with everyone you already know. Please ask them to name their congressmen, senators, and state officials.

Cause primary why gas prices are excessive; taxes. The individuals of Illinois ought to be in complete revolt towards their dishonest, dysfunctional authorities that takes about forty cents a gallon every time you fill up in motor gasoline and sales taxes. That money is meant to keep up, and build transportation infrastructure. Where does the money go? Into nanny state, really feel good applications like kids care where fifty four,000 children have been enrolled, costing taxpayers a whole bunch of tens of millions of dollars, and half the youngsters enrolled are from illegal immigrant families.

When will the state understand that by placing the gasoline tax into infrastructure enhancements, where it was supposed to go in the primary place, that those improvements would attract new businesses to the state, creating extra jobs, so folks could work, and accept personal accountability to pay for their own youngsters care? The Feds add their motor gasoline tax, then Illinois expenses gross sales tax on prime of the two motor gas taxes, triple dipping into your pockets. Motive number one your gas prices are high; taxes.

Purpose number two your fuel costs are excessive is because of environmental and tourism lobbyists buying votes of those who write power legal guidelines.

We have billions of barrels of oil in Alaska, the continental states, and offshore. Environmentalists have blocked the drilling of these resources.

Will you are feeling better the subsequent time you fill your tank as a result of some toad did not lose its habitat, while it’s a must to scrimp at the store to feed your children? The following time you vacation in Florida or California you will be ecstatic not to see oil derricks miles offshore affecting your view of the horizon. In the present day you’ll only need to pay $50 per person each aircraft journey in gas surcharges.

We have to seize our personal assets lying beneath our feet as a substitute of importing oil from dictators and terrorists. The value of oil is the single greatest think about the worth of gasoline.

Reason number three why gas prices are high is the environmentalists have made constructing refineries all but impossible, and even combat the enlargement of present refineries.

BP is trying to extend the scale of the Wooden River refinery by 50%. Environmentalists at all times show up in larger numbers at hearings and meetings, than do supporters. The squeaky wheel will get the grease.

That is an eight billion dollar proposal that can double production capacity, and create a whole lot of fine paying jobs. Develop into involved and attend the hearings and meetings in help of refinery enlargement. The appliance at Wood River is now over a year previous. Due to the lack of refining capacity, we now import gasoline, sheer financial madness!

Cause quantity 4 why you are paying excessive power bills is because environmentalists have blocked the building of nuclear power plants because they are saying the plants should not protected. The U.S. Navy has powered nuclear submarines because the 1950’s without an accident, and even the French produce 80% of their electrical energy from nuclear plants. Time to start out getting serious about nuclear vitality, let your elected officials know.

Cause number five why power prices are excessive is environmentalists blocking the use of unpolluted coal applied sciences.

The U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal deposits. A whole bunch of local miners are unemployed. Clean coal expertise may add tremendous numbers of jobs for the miners, to energy plants workers, and supply a substantial increase in our electrical manufacturing capabilities. Environmentalists have blocked these efforts. Time to get severe about clear coal technologies, call your representatives and tell them you consider a miner and his household are extra necessary than toads.

Ladies and gentlemen the properly intended environmentalists are the real purpose why your fuel prices are so excessive, not the greedy oil firms our primary stream media and liberal politicians wish to make you consider.

Keep electing liberals and you don’t have any grounds to complain about the price of fuel, because you voted for toads and owls over employees and their households, and it’s costing you at the pump. The expertise exists to reap the benefits of our oil, pure gasoline, and coal reserves in an environmentally protected approach.

What does this should do with real property? All the pieces. This election 12 months will determine if we are to become severe about lower taxes, accountable spending, and sensible power coverage.

Enable the politicians to raise your taxes, and to stay dependant upon overseas oil, and the value of your home will plummet, as a result of the majority of parents won’t be capable of afford to buy a home. It’s simple; demand falls when households pay extra at the pump and the shop decreasing their disposable earnings. Fewer patrons, fewer properties promote, and decrease costs.

If there was ever a perfect instance of the legal guidelines of provide and demand it’s the skyrocketing worth of food as ethanol producers consume corn meant for the meals supply.

Here’s the truth should you elect politicians that want to lift taxes who’re in mattress with the environmentalists. The average household of 4 can pay $2000 more in federal income taxes, $one thousand more in state income taxes, will pay more for goods and providers when Illinois corporations cross alongside company tax will increase, can pay $4 to $5 a gallon for gasoline, will pay tons of more at the grocery store, and pays a whole bunch more to heat and cool their houses.

Ladies and gentlemen elect both Democrat candidate president, and let the state legislators elevate the income and corporate taxes, and the common Illinois family won’t be buying any houses. They’ll be lucky to maintain the home they have as a result of the unintended consequences of really feel good liberal insurance policies and politicians.

Fritz Pfister is a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX Professionals Springfield Illinois.
Fritz is a frontrunner within the local actual estate market and hosts a dwell one hour radio program, now in its13th yr.
Fritz’s web site is
Fritz hosts home purchaser and home seller seminars that have been attended by a whole bunch of customers.
Fritz gives advice that helps consumers succeed in the sale or purchase of properties.

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