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Prime 10 Predictions For 2017

The highly effective astrological cycles within the sky carry good news and bad news this yr! As I assessment my predictions with you, please understand that astrology shouldn’t be fatalistic. The “stars incline — they do not compel.” Our free will can at all times take the worst astrological points we face and use them for our profit, development, learning, and evolution.

Astrological forecasting relies on evaluating planetary cycles occurring right this moment and searching again in history to the events that occurred when those self same planetary cycles had been working within the skies (very like a technical industry inventory chartist). It is that easy. Let’s not neglect: History does seem to repeat itself.

Watch what’s happening economically and politically within the United States in July 2013. Do our leaders work together like a workforce who wants to win the Tremendous Bowl Or do they argue and battle like a crew destined to be a bunch of losers who go nowhere! The results they produce in the summer time will let you know if we’re on the path to victory or defeat.

Here are my predictions for 2013.
#1 – President Obama: In style But Facing Scandal
President Obama’s personal astrology suggests he will likely be standard in 2013. Nonetheless, there are two issues he must listen to this year. First: He’ll must be very cautious of his reputation. Through the 12 months he may very well be embroiled in a major scandal that shall be damaging to his standing and public opinion. This scandal can be based mostly on himself or a feminine staff member being accused of overlaying up some important information. Members of Congress who’re towards his policies and actions could use the scandal as a foundation for calling for his impeachment (Uranus-Pluto). Secondly: There’s the chance that Obama has a major health situation demanding his attention.

#2 – U.S. Faces Bankruptcy
In the spring and early summer time (with the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto cycle) due to the debt disaster and a contentious Congress, the USA faces the threat of bankruptcy and one other credit downgrade. There is danger that the U.S. financial system will collapse below the weight of huge debt and runaway spending. We proceed to live beyond our means, making up the distinction by way of major authorities borrowing, indicating that fiscal mismanagement continues. The President and Congress are again locked in one other battle, causing gridlock.

#3 – U.S. Briefly Saved
Within the summer season, starting in July 2013, thanks to a miraculous astrological occasion (the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine) our President and Congress finally cease preventing and agree to reply to the financial disaster with a severe plan to chop spending, scale back the nation’s debt and cross laws to extend employment. It is a time when leaders can work cooperatively to right the mistakes of the past and start the process of re-building the economic system, re-using folks, reforming our system of government, and the tax code. This fortunate astrological cycle is our last hope petroleum total equipmenta to stop, or a minimum of decrease, the calamity ahead. This is a time of optimism when a miracle is feasible. The issues that everyone is aware of exist could be solved with government leaders working collectively for the advantage of us all. The large query will probably be: Are these efforts too little, too late Astrologically, it seems that no matter our authorities does within the summer season will nonetheless bring us into monetary disaster in 2014-2015.

#Four – U.S. Stock Market Rallies this Summer
The inventory market responds with an exuberant rally! As a result of legislative agreements made in July, (i.e. mentioned in Prediction #4) there’s a lot optimism with the idea that the USA has petroleum total equipmenta tackled the debt drawback and is now ready to grow and prosper. The months that comply with will show that the economic system is rising and unemployment knowledge will confirm that we’re moving right into a constructive trend. Expect Wall Street to be celebrating!

#5 – U.S. Inventory Market Decline Leading to a Crash
Despite the inventory market’s rally, it is obvious at the tip of the summer and by the fall 2013 that our problems have not really been addressed. Contrary to earlier optimism and preliminary indications that the economy was turning round, reality reveals that governmental spending hasn’t actually slowed regardless of the rhetoric and promises of politicians. There are indicators that the economy is slowing down; unemployment gains disappear, with the buyer-spending price declining, inflicting corporations to begin additional layoffs. The country is transferring on a downward path indicating that systemic fiscal problems within the economic system haven’t been resolved.

The inventory market is vulnerable to a crash beginning within the summer petroleum total equipmenta of 2013, (Jupiter/Uranus cycle + Jupiter-Pluto). Dates to watch the markets carefully start in August 2013, into February and April of 2014. The best probability for the most important crash interval might be in April 2014 (through the Uranus-Pluto Cycle) sending the Dow to 5,000 by the top of 2014. This similar planetary cycle occurred in 1930-31 and once more between 1986-87.

#6 – Housing & Real Property
Great news for those of you wondering when is one of the best time to buy a home Jupiter will transfer into the signal of Cancer in June 2013 till July 2014 we’ll finally see a bottom to the housing and actual estate market. You will find that this time interval will give you a wonderful opportunity to purchase a house at a favorable price. Best of all actual estate will be in a powerful uptrend with costs rising into the 12 months 2020.

#7 – Finest Funding in 2013-2015
The grains market, consisting of corn, wheat, and soybeans, will provide an incredible opportunity for buyers, who’ll benefit from the Uranus-Pluto cycle occurring from 2012-2015. This cycle signifies potential injury to crops based on draught, extreme weather and natural phenomena. That is identical planetary cycle that occurred during the good Depression between 1932-34, producing the “Dust Bowl” period within the 1930’s the place dust storms did super harm to crops.

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Whereas weather growing circumstances may be glorious for crops this summer season and drive costs “briefly” lower, look to speculate in the grains market no later than the fall for massive positive factors into 2014-2015. Thanks to a plethora of “ETFs” funds you may conveniently spend money on these commodities, simply as you would any widespread inventory.

#Eight – Euro Union
Within the summer of 2013 (Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto) a banking and financial crisis happen within the Euro nations with more threats of default like prior to now with Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy. There’s a hazard of monetary panic and a run on banks.

#9 – Iran Revolution + Nuclear Bomb and Warfare
The Uranus-Pluto cycle (which happens seven occasions within 2012-2015) has already produced violent revolutions and new governments in Egypt and Libya and now civil battle in Syria. Iran is subsequent! Within the fall of 2013 and early 2014 the folks of Iran may revolt and overthrow the present regime. A bloody army conflict could ensue. Right now, it might turn into clear that Iran has developed a nuclear bomb. This information creates grave navy threats by Israel in live performance with the United States. Look for an outbreak of struggle in the Center East a while from December 2013 to August 2014 (Uranus-Pluto Cycle).

#10 – Oil & Gold Skyrocket!
Oil will skyrocket from the late fall into 2014 based mostly on these components: Firstly, the political instability of Iran because the Iranian folks revolt towards their leaders; Secondly, Iran’s improvement of a nuclear bomb creates the risk of conflict in the Center East, along with worry that the Straits of Hormuz could also be blocked, thus causing a disruption in the distribution of crude oil from the area (Uranus-Pluto Cycle).

Look for gold to commerce between $1,900-$2,100, making all-time highs from the fall into 2014. Gold might flounder in the coming months and even lose value into September of 2013. But beginning in September, It would resume its bull market based on political unrest, world tensions and the probability of battle. Gold will even drastically benefit from continued financial instability, unresolved world debt, continued menace of inflation, and a doubtless de-valuation of world currencies.

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Larry Schwimmer is President of, a San Francisco-primarily based consulting firm. The firm uses astrological evaluation to counsel particular person and corporate shoppers on picking the “best dates” to make successful selections of all types: personal, advertising and marketing, financial, and political. The agency at present advises a various client base that includes Politicians, Presidents of major companies and a MLB Baseball Team. Schwimmer, an internationally known Astrologer (with a FORTUNE 500 M&A background) has been a practicing Astrologer for 35 years.