Oil refining is the process that takes us from crude oil to refined or finished products by way of an oil refinery similar to excessive-octane motor fuel (gasoline/petrol), diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), jet aircraft gas, kerosene, heating gasoline oils, lubricating oils, asphalt and petroleum coke.

A petroleum refinery is therefore a factory where crude oil is remodeled into petrol and a whole lot of other helpful merchandise or a manufacturing facility where crude oil is damaged down into its numerous components, which then are selectively changed into new products like those mentioned above.

An oil refinery is taken into account an essential part of the downstream aspect of the petroleum trade.

Refineries come in varied sizes. The range from small topping and reforming refineries to sophisticated advanced refineries, however carry out three primary steps that are Separation (fractional distillation), Conversion (cracking and rearranging the molecules), and Therapy.

A typical large [standard] refinery prices billions of pounds to construct and tens of millions more to run and improve. It runs around the clock 365 days a yr, employs hundreds of individuals and occupies as a lot land as a number of hundred football pitches.

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