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What is The cost of Solar Power Compared to Natural Gas

Greatest Reply: These should not comparable because they work otherwise. Natural gas utilized in home heating, sizzling water, stoves, dryers use gas as a DIRECT conversion of energy.

Photo voltaic- energetic thermal, is the place panels collect the heat and petroleum equipment institute pei usa change it in a storage tank to preheat sizzling water for heating and scorching water.

Solar- passive, is the place the sunlight comes into an area and heats it through the day
Solar- electric is where there are 2 conversions production of power. One is altering the sunlight into electricity; then storing this electricity and converting into alternating present for use in your household.

Solar-Thermal- Massive scale. There are a number of major installations of photo voltaic-thermal-electric, and solar- electric the produce enough electricity to feed into the national grid. The issue with all photo petroleum equipment institute pei usa voltaic tasks is they shut down at night time! Gas is out there 24/7.

The efficiency of the solar —> electric in watts/hr is about 23%. A regular toaster requires 1800 watts to run, so you’d have to have sufficient square foot protection just to use your toaster.