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Olive Oil Remedies And Treatments For Head Lice

There are a lot of there are many available treatments for head lice infestation, anyone can get confused over which treatment option to decide on. Commercial or over-the-counter remedies are typically comprised by shampoos or hair lotions with pesticides or chemicals as the active ingredient, and are typically utilized by many under the impression of quick and simple head lice removal solutions. However, many individuals are now opting for natural head lice treatments, because they’re considered safer options that don’t contain chemicals or pesticides. Among these natural remedies is olive oil, a safe and organic substance that is readily available in most supermarkets.

People may get skeptical over using olive oil to eliminate pesky head lice. In spite of everything, oil made from olives is typically used for cooking, and can be sometimes utilized in cosmetics and skin care products. However, like mayonnaise and petroleum jelly, olive oil is an efficient smothering agent that can be used to kill head lice and nits by suffocating them. Due to its viscosity, olive oil easily coats the hair and the head lice and nits. Its slimy petroleum 4 texture also makes it easier to comb off lice using a fine-toothed nit comb.

To make use of lice olive oil treatment, it should be applied generously on the hair to ensure that the lice and nymphs are completely coated. Then, a plastic bag or shower cap is used to cover the head, making sure that no air gets in. This enables the oil to suffocate the lice and nits effectively. Leaving it on for two or three hours is usually sufficient, but some will even recommend leaving it overnight. When leaving it on overnight, be sure to put towels on the pillows to forestall the oil from seeping. After leaving it on, run a fine-toothed comb on the hair, sectioning the hair if necessary to make it easier to remove as much oil, adult lice, and nymphs.

After using a nit comb and removing a lot of the olive oil, the hair must be washed thoroughly. Although olive oil is messier to slather and harder to carry on the hair, it is less complicated to clean off in comparison with mayonnaise or petroleum jelly. However, expert recommend using gentle shampoos since it should still need petroleum 4 just a few repeated rinses to completely remove the oil.

Another variation of this treatment is so as to add a couple of drops of essential oils similar to tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil to the this kind of treatment. According to specialists, essential oils also have anti-bacterial and insecticidal properties that may help make olive oil a simpler agent against lice. Using shampoos with essential oils after the olive oil lice treatment can also help prevent re-infestation, soothe itching scalp, and heal sores from lice bites and scratching.

Like most lice remedies this treatment will also require re-treatments and manual picking of nits or eggs, as no treatment completely gets rid of the eggs. It is usually important to regularly check the top for possible re-infection before it might probably escalate into severe cases, and to forestall them from infesting other household members.