Ceramic crossAccording to the 2010 BP Statistical Vitality Survey, Thailand had a 2009 refinery capacity of 1239.5 thousand barrels a day, 1.36% of the world whole.

Thailand has 4 oil refineries, with a mixed capacity of 703,one hundred bbl/d. The three principal refineries are Shell Co. Of Thailand Ltd. (275,000 bbl/d) positioned in in Rayong, Thai Oil Co. Ltd., in Sriracha (192,850 bbl/d), and Esso Normal Thailand Ltd. (173,500 bbl/d), also positioned in Sriracha.

The Thai government has been discussing a proposal to attempt to turn the country into a regional processing and transportation hub for the oil trade. One possibility could be amending regulations to create a bonded-processing zone for heat exchanger mass production export-oriented refineries. The targeted export market would seemingly be cities in south-central China , which are nearer to Thai ports than to the Pacific coast of China . Another proposal would see the development of a pipeline throughout the isthmus of Kra, permitting oil shipments from the Persian Gulf to East Asia to bypass the congested Strait of Malacca , possibly with the addition of an export-oriented 500,000 bbl/d refinery at the pipeline’s Gulf of Thailand terminal. A feasibility examine accomplished by PTT in July 2004, however, forged doubt on the monetary viability of the undertaking.

Thailand also plans to reduce its consumption of petroleum and imports of gasoline additive methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in the future by promoting home manufacturing and consumption of ethanol. The Thai government permitted a package deal of tax incentives in December 2000 to encourage more production of ethanol for gas use, and gasoline containing 10% ethanol is scheduled to be launched within the better Bangkok area beginning in December 2004.

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