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KPRL Facilities To Store Petroleum Products – KBC TV

Kenya has ruled out restarting to refine crude oil within the country after acquiring your complete stake in the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited (KPRL) because it can make fuel products costlier.

Petroleum Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau says infrastructure at the Refineries might new wave energy corp reviews be used as a strategic oil reserve.

The Kenya Pipeline Company can also be in talks with the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited for storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Having ceased oil refinery business in September 2013, PS Kamau now notes that Kenya has enjoyed a supply of petroleum products at lower rates than before.

Kenya Pipeline Company MD Joe Sang says the launch of another pipeline Sinendet in Nakuru to Kisumu has helped acquire back its lost oil market share in the region following competition from Uganda. He says it will boost efforts to ferry oil via the Lake to Uganda and Rwanda.

Kenya Pipeline Company plans to construct additional oil pipelines in six other counties to reduce the cost of fuel transportation.

With many Kenyans enrolling for oil and gas courses, institutions that are not well equipped offer the courses have been warned against admitting students.

They were speaking during a public lecture on opportunities within the oil and gas sector at the new wave energy corp reviews University of Nairobi.

Elsewhere, the Energy Regulatory Commission has told owners of petrol stations located in residential areas to shut them since they pose risks to humans.

Director of Petroleum Edward Kinyua says the petrol stations cause air pollution and pose the risk of fire outbreaks hence endangering human lives in addition to property.

ERC is also targeting to shut illegally constructed petrol stations.
Despite the need to have in place an environmental impact assessment before petrol stations are put up, some investors have disregarded the method or its results to go ahead to construct such facilities in residential areas.

This poses environmental and health risk to human beings living in those areas as well as their property.

The Energy Regulatory Commission is now moving to crack the whip. The regulator has planned a nationwide crackdown on fuel stations situated within residential areas.

He says construction of gas and fuel stations in new wave energy corp reviews residential areas violates the stipulated regulations. Fuel stations situated in residential areas cause air pollution and pose fire outbreak threats.