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Invention Of Automobiles

A number of a few centuries ago, transportation has come a long way because of the advance, especially in the level of comfort, that it, now, provides us. Among the numerous products of mans ingenuity in terms of engineering and mathematics, the invention of automobiles, by far is, the most revolutionary within the history of transportation. Gone were the two-wheeled carts pulled either by man or animals and replaced by self-propelled motorized vehicle.

In 1771, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot invented the Fardier, a 3-wheeled steam-powered vehicle but was never put into production because it was much slower and tougher to operate compared to the horse-drawn carriage while another French inventor Amedee Bollee, invented the 12-seater passenger steam car in 1873 but met the identical fate with Cugnot as the internal engine combustion that may make it work was still awaiting to be invented.

The Year 1889 saw the Germans triumph in automobile business as two Germans marked milestones within the industry. A gasoline-powered vehicle that traveled 10 mph wasi nvented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. Karl Benz, on the other hand, introduced the same year, another gasoline-powered car with only a handful produced for the European and American market.

In 1901, Curved Dash Oldsmobile by Ransom E. Olds, which was built within the United States, was produced in large quantity for the American market. Modern automobile mass production, and its use of the modern industrial assembly line, thus, is attributed to Henry Ford of Detroit, Michigan, who had built his first gasoline-powered car in 1896. Since then, more car manufactures corresponding to Toyota of Japan,

GM of the USA, Volkswagen Group of Germany, Ford USA and Honda of Japan, have come up in the market bringing each type of vehicle better in performance and appearance than the previous versions.

These automobiles wouldn’t have been enjoyed today if not due to the invention of petroleum and its derivatives for various purposes. Where and the way does this mineral we simply call oil reach our vehicle oil tanks that send us to and from our destinations

How do oil well companies pump oil from the grounds A few of us may have seen this in movies or read this in several books showing and describing oil being rigged from the grounds or seen images of crude oil gushing from the ground but everything we see are simply to feed our hungry eyes and imagination but difficult for our mind to fathom. Oil is pumped-out from oil wells, passing through a series of pipes and undergoes through multiple processes john morgan occidental petroleum 30 before it reaches our car due to pumpjacks and several other type of industrial pump equipment.

The pump system invention thus made a hallmark in the inventing public, such because the invention of automobiles, and paved way for more inventions that we’re currently enjoying and for the longer term generations to enjoy. Cars won’t be running and even oil will not be taken out deep from the ground if not for pumps.

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