Portions and sizes of U.S. refineries and the relevance of economies of scale and site on refinery operations
– Crude oil assays, naming and grouping conventions, viscosities and characterization by boiling level
– Crude oil treating processes, together with hydrotreating and amine contacting
– Fractionation processes, together with crude oil distillation and mild ends fractionation

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Credit score: 3 PDH

Size: 76 pages

This course has been developed to supply a quick overview of the operate and interrelationship of the petroleum refinery fuels processes mostly found in trendy petroleum refineries. These processes refine petroleum crude oils into the literally tons of of specification petroleum products, lots of which we use every day. Refinery fuels processes fall into several broad categories: Fractionation (distillation), Treating and Upgrading. This course is relevant to all engineering disciplines. Upon successful completion of this course, the pupil may have achieved a primary understanding of what happens inside a trendy petroleum refinery. Moreover, the pupil will learn how the most common refinery fuels processes accomplish the refining of crude oils into the fuels specification products that the markets demand.

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