The Oil Refinery was launched Could 21, 2010 and is out there for purchase from the store below the Services tab. It produces Gas Tanks from Crude Oil Barrels in your Storage. Gasoline is needed to run Tools on your farm.

Manufacturing Edit

The Oil Refinery at present produces Gas Tanks from Crude Oil. Expertise is gained for each batch sent into production. Products might be produced faster with the help of buddies. Every friend that helps will full 20% of all pending productions. Pals will probably be compensated with items and also you both will obtain +three XP for each product kind they assist with. Every pal can solely assist as soon as a day. After every batch is finished, you possibly can click on the “Store” button underneath the “What’s Pending” tab so as to add it to your Storage. Once in your Storage, it might both be used as an Ingredient at another Facility or bought at the Market. The oil refinery can get you a whole lot of gas at a a lot faster charge then regular.

Substances Edit



Ingredient Worth* (Produced)

Ingredient Value* (Gifted)

tube plate automatic weld





Expertise Gained

Gas Tank


– Ingredient values are the quantity 1x of an ingredient would promote for on the Market (primarily based on being self-harvested).
Crude Oil Barrels are collected by the Oil Pump.

This facility is arguably one of the best FarmCash amenities, because the gas production helps you to keep up with the gas necessities on having 2+ farms by using your tools to speed up planting. Not solely that, however your friends will love you for getting their own additional Gas Tanks from helping you.

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