Ever put gas in your automobile?

After all you’ve got. However have you ever ever wondered who keeps that gas pump pumping?

1000’s of service technicians working for PEI member firms keep gasoline flowing at millions of places around the globe. The dispensers, nozzles, hoses and tanks all require routine maintenance or occassional repair to continue operating safely and providing gasoline, diesel, ethanol or CNG to billions of motorists. Regardless of the worth of oil, the fuel keeps flowing. Even by means of the ups and downs, there might be a necessity.

And at this time greater than ever, certified service techs are in demand. New applied sciences and regulatory modifications require the substitute or improve of hundreds of chemical tower manufacturing installation gas dispensers. Mechanically inclined people who take pleasure in working outdoors and the problem of fixing issues can find a desirable position in most areas of the U.S.

Discover the career alternatives available as a petroleum equipment service technician. Meet three techs who’ve discovered their niche in our trade all by very different paths.

So the subsequent time you fill up, don’t simply think about the price per gallon. Suppose about your future.

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