Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited Atyrau oil refinery.

President familiarized with the implementation of investment tasks ” Building of the manufacturing of aromatic hydrocarbons ” (CPA) and ” Constructing built-in refining ” (CGAP) , the development of which is carried out in accordance with the state program of compelled industrial- innovative growth of Kazakhstan.
Undertaking «Construction of CPS» supplies for the production of uncooked materials for the petrochemical trade (benzene and paraxylene) . Contract value 1064 million U.S. dollars. Since 2010, at Atyrau refinery building and set up work. Acceptance of the State Commission commissioned CPA is scheduled for September 2014.
Challenge Output CPS will ensure that the quality requirements of the European customary of gasoline by decreasing sulfur compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons and benzene, the creation of the first in Kazakhstan Petrochemical manufacturing of benzene and paraxylene, reduction of dangerous effects on the atmosphere by decreasing emissions of air pollutants (carbon monoxide and nitrogen) and the applying of modern applied sciences and technological gear.
The second main undertaking implemented by ANPZ is deep refining advanced (CGAP) . Worth of the contract «Construction CGAP ” is 1 680 million U.S. dollars.
Cardinal drawback solving to extend the depth of oil processing at Atyrau refinery associated with the introduction of secondary processes, providing further depth processing (coking, vacuum unit AVT-3) , as well because the introduction of catalytic cracking. This advanced is designed to process 2 million 400 thousand tons of uncooked supplies (oil, vacuum gasoline oil) per yr. Through the processing of 5.5 million tons per yr yearly ANPZ will produce 1.745 million tons of gasoline, 1.64 million tons of diesel gas, 244 tons of jet fuel. Launch of oil drop to 193 thousand tons. All motor fuels will comply with Euro 5.

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