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Interesting Propane Facts

Propane is a fuel utilized by millions of Americans. For some, propane is the fuel that’s used in their central heating system. Others use propane for their barbecue grill or perhaps their camping stove. While you might know just a few basic facts about how propane is used, here are just a few interesting facts that you won’t know.

One interesting fact about this fuel is that it’s both a gas and a liquid. When it’s compressed enough, it becomes a liquid so whenever you see a truck stuffed with propane, this is in liquid form. Propane is actually a by-product of two other sources of fuel. It is likely to be created from natural gas or after petroleum has been refined. After it’s created, propane is stored in salt caves, the largest of which is located in Texas.

Propane was discovered in 1910 by a chemist named Walter Snelling who was studying the components of gasoline. He managed to separate gasoline into liquid and gas components and discovered both propane and butane in the method. It was quickly discovered that propane was a wonderful source of fuel and within just some years was used as a source of fuel for the home, mainly for cooking.

Propane isn’t just an excellent fuel for heating your home and cooking, it also can be used to power vehicles. It has several advantages over gasoline. For instance, it is a less expensive fuel and produces far less emissions. While propane-powered vehicles will not be commonly seen within the United States, commercial petroleum equipment sun valley taiwan in other countries it is kind of common. Actually, in some countries, resembling South Korea, roughly half of all vehicles are powered by propane which also known as autogas.

Not only is propane a less expensive fuel source for our vehicles, propane also is kind of cost effective as a home fuel source. Normally, the price of electricity to power a household item, corresponding to our clothes dryer, is about two times costlier than the price of powering the identical appliance with propane. Many households in America run on electricity produced by coal. Using propane instead is commercial petroleum equipment sun valley taiwan far friendlier to the environment. Coal produces two times more carbon emissions than propane, so by using propane, consumers are reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. It’s also a non-toxic fuel and won’t harm soil or our water supply.

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