Energy technology technologies and design.

– Waste water treatment including filtration, sedimentation, sludge techniques.

– Evaluation and validation evaluation of design calculations of a crude distillation unit-revamp of an oil refinery based mostly in Greece.

– Overview of fabric and heat balances, flow sheeting evaluation.

– Pump calculations, vent calculations, review of Hazops and SIL evaluations.

– Evaluation of heat and materials balances and course of flow sheeting.

– Pump calculations, vent calculations, line sizing calculations, stress relief methods assessment and analysis.

– P&ID Assessment.

– Developed design foundation documentation for gasification facility.

– Review of biomass / waste feedstock for energy era.

– Review and preparation of prices estimates for gasoline turbine, steam turbine and heat restoration steam generation units.

– Design and analysis to find out optimum power generation configuration for varied coal and biomass feed stocks.

– Utilization of steam and gasoline turbine software program (GTPRO / GT Grasp) to mannequin and analyze coal to power plants preparations.

– Crude distillation unit modeling, overview and appraisal.

– Power technology review and design studies.

– Modeling and simulation of power generation models (boilers, steam turbines, condensers and feed water heaters, heat restoration steam generators).

– Capital and working prices estimates of steam and gas turbines plants.

– Negotiations, reviewing vendors and appraisal of vendors.

– Selection and optimization of steam, fuel turbine, heat recovery boiler to match appropriate feedstock.

– Feasibility studies of waste water therapy plants.

– Economic evaluation of waste water therapy plant.

– Energy technology unit course of modeling.

– Modeling of steam turbine unit for optimum extraction of steam for feed water heaters.

– Crude distillation unit analysis and appraisal.

– Waste water therapy including filtration, sedimentation and sludge systems.

– Waste water plant modeling and analysis.

– Steam path evaluation for steam turbines and feed water heaters.

– Power consumption reduction studies on CHP plants.

– Conceptual design and simulation of crude distillation items to optimize separation trays efficiency and increase yield of outputs.

– Reactor-Separator system simulation to optimize operating parameters resembling temperature, focus, reflux ratios.

– Modeling and simulation of gasoline absorption systems utilizing finite factor strategy.

– Developed a computational model to increase pollutant removing efficiency on a simultaneous heat and mass switch gas scrubbing system.

– Heat recovery analysis on scrubbers and fuel absorption programs.

– Humidification and cooling tower programs evaluation.

Honors & Publications

– ProII Simulation, GT Pro (Gasoline and steam turbine evaluation).

– Turbo Scrubber ( for gasoline cleaning).


– B.Eng. With Honors – Chemical Engineering, Industrial Research, Bradford College, United Kingdom
Oil Refinery, Power Generation and Waste to Power Chemical Engineer Advisor (1548)


– Energy generation technologies and design.

– Oil refinery expertise and design: Hydrotreators, hydrocracker and crude distillation.

– Waste to energy processes: Incineration, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion.

– Process overdeveloped and P&ID overview of bio diesel plant.

– Combustion know-how and furnace and burner system design and appraisal.

– Conversion of coal to fuel and liquids and biomass to energy technologies.

– Coal gasification, waste heat boilers, steam and gas turbine evaluation.

– Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, gasification, pyrolysis.

– Waste water therapy together with filtration, sedimentation, sludge programs.


Independent Marketing consultant, 2008 – Current
– Assessment and validation analysis of design calculations of a crude distillation unit-revamp of an oil refinery primarily based in Greece.

– Co-ordination of project actions for crude distillation unit.

– Hydrotreator unit operation analysis and review.

– Reviewing and checking of pressure relief programs calculations, strain safety valves calculations within the refinery network.

– Power from waste plant studies, design and evaluate.

– Waste water therapy plant design, studies and evaluation.

– Review of feedstocks (coal, waste, natural gasoline) to judge optimum energy technology arrangement that will enhance energy output and CAPEX.

– Power era design and optimization.

– Mission administration actions of oil refinery and petrochemical complicated.

– Process design and overview of oil refinery items.

– Design evaluate of power era plant for a Russian oil refinery.

– Preparation of design foundation documentations for a energy plant.

– Reviewing of optimum preparations of heat recovery steam generators for refinery energy plant.

Project administration activities for Biodiesel Plant.
– Overview of material and heat balances, circulate sheeting evaluate.

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