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Why Are Fuel Prices So Excessive

Gasoline prices are at an all-time high within the United States at present. Despite the fact that this worth pales in comparison to the costs paid in another international btus per gallon of heating oil locations around the globe, it may possibly no longer be fairly argued that the value we pay on the pump btus per gallon of heating oil as we speak within the U.S. is a bargain.

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In latest times the value of gasoline hovered around $three.20-$3.30 a gallon. Then, we used btus per gallon of heating oil to have the ability to argue that this value was not an all-time excessive when based on the price adjusted for inflation. It’s true in components of this 50’s, 60’s and ’70s gasoline prices were increased than $three.00 a gallon if we adjusted the dollars for inflation.