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Electric Control Valve Installation Precautions

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With the speedy growth of China’s business, the electric Control Valve In Metallurgy , Petrochemical and other fields more and more broadly, the stability, reliability turns into more and more important, it is good or bad working circumstances will immediately affect the control process. Electric control valve set up Precautions:

1, the brand new design, installation of control methods, so as to ensure that the valves work properly in the automobile and make the system safe operation, before putting in the new valve should first examine whether the valve on the nameplate labeled in line with the design requirements.

2, the following items ought to also be debugged. Primary error limit; full stroke deviation; hysteresis; useless; leakage (within the strict events when).

Three, if the original system had valve restore, along with the above are verified, but also deal with outdated valve stuffing and different components of the junction were Seal Checks.

4, regulating valve used in the field, many are usually not due to quality control valve itself is attributable to, but the set up of the valves caused by improper use, such as the installation surroundings, location and direction of the improper installation or pipeline unclean other causes. Therefore, electric control valve within alternative energy sources wave power the set up should listen to the next:

(1) regulating valves are area devices, the Atmosphere and temperature needs to be within the range of -25 ~ 60 , relative humidity 95%. If it is put in in the open air or in high temperature, ought to take water, cooling measures. In a spot away from the supply of the vibration source or increase the anti-vibration measures.

(2) regulating valve ought to normally be put in vertically, particular circumstances can be tilted, such as the tilt angle is giant or valve itself is just too massive weight bearing elements of the valve safety should be increased.

(3) installation of the pipeline control valve generally not too excessive off the ground or floor, the pipe height is bigger than 2m to set platform should be as a lot as possible, to facilitate the manipulator wheel and straightforward upkeep.

(4) pipe valve needs to be cleaned earlier than set up to remove dirt and weld slag. After set up, to make sure to not impurities left within the valve physique, should once more Valve Cleaning, that’s, into the medium by means of the valve should be open to all, to avoid impurities stuck. After utilizing the hand wheel body, should be restored to its authentic impartial position.

(5) In order to control valve in the event of Fault Or upkeep of the case make the manufacturing course of to proceed, bypass pipe valve needs to be added. Should also pay particular attention to valve set up location is in keeping with the necessities course of.

(6) electric management valve Electric A part of the installation of electrical tools in accordance with the development requirements. The case of flameproof merchandise ought to be ” Explosion Hazardous electrical installation customary “requirements for installation. Comparable to stay wires and other six with SBH-kind core or eight core, outer diameter of about rubber 11.3mm installed cable. Within the use and upkeep, in place non-explosive power of the explosion of maintenance and opening the lid to pry enjoying surface. Do not knock the same time dismantling the explosion injured or scratched floor, after overhaul to restore the unique state of explosion-proof requirements.

(7) implementing agencies ought to pay attention Reducer overhaul after lubrication, low-velocity motor gasoline usually not washable. alternative energy sources wave power After the assembly should also verify the valve place and valve place indicating whether the opening match.

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