Every social, political phenomenon has its pre-historical past andreference point. The Labor Union of Atyrau region has its own reference point. Start of a new labor movement’s upsurge in Caspian region began after profitable the revolution on February 1917.This period associated to energetic employees and employeesmovement to create Labor Unions in our Oil Emba.OnMarch 1917 first manufacturing unit committees were already created on Dossor, Makat oil fields and on Rakusha oil refinery station and in April representatives of those three companies have formed united manufacturing facility committee. Manufacturing facility committee in Guryev engineering workshop which was reorganized into the Minersfishing committee later, was created in 1920.

At the same time there was formation technique of different labor unions in Guryev. By this time, Unions of shoemakers, soap-boiler, water transport workers, fishers and so forth., had been already created.

There is an enormous a part of Guryev Labor Union’s Soviet creating on January 1920 in bringing workers to take part in restoration of the nationwide financial system. The Guryev Labor Union’s Soviet reorganized into the Bureau of Labor Unions on March 1920. First Guryev Labor Union’s convention was held on 5th of July in 1920.The Congress introduced The Labor Unionsduties: To mobilize employees for restoration of destroyed national economy, to take care of self-discipline on the workplace, increase the cultural level by means of elimination of illiteracy. Congress also ordered to switch remains of Guryev Sovdep members which were shot on the Peshnoy island and to erect the monument for perished, also the delegates of 1st All-Russian Congress of Labor Unions were elected. The first conference of Kazakhstan Labor Unions was held throughout the civil warfare in Orenburg on October 1921. The Convention paid essential attention to the orgazational strengthening of labor unions, elected a new Kirbyuro management group for the trade union movement guiding within the region. This was starting of the organizational registration of labor unions in Kazakhstan. First collective agreements were concluded during that interval. Thus, collective settlement between district of Ural-Emba union of mineworkers committee and Nationwide association of Emba oil trade has consisted of 12 partitions with about one hundred items, that had been directed to improve of labor situations, to carrying out of their working duties and rising of labor productivity. Distinguished position in improvement of Socialist competition in our region and in whole Republic additionally made the primary All-Kazakh’s gathering of shock staff that was being held in Almaty in October of 1930. Afterwards have been created a circumstances of origin in 1935 Socialist competitors – motion of production innovators, in keeping with the name of its initiator, competition had been named – Stakhanov’s. Significant function in growth of Stakhanov’s motion in our region was manufactured from district Stakhanov’s convention, that was held in Gur’ev city on November the twenty-fifth in 1935. Amongst the first of Stakhanov’s in region were such oil business employees as: Borodin, Zurbayev, Yeskariyev, Bayarstanov, Kotel’nikov and also fishermen: Djazikbayev, Polkovnikov, Sarbupenov, Gayvoronskiy and many others. Within the years or world conflict 2 the primary task of commerce unions has grow to be mobilization of working inhabitants for engaging in of conflict orders. Following to the resolution of central committee communist’s celebration of Kazakhstan “About to put an operation of labor unions on a warfare footing “, the labor union’s organizations of the region very actively participated inserting evacuated enterprises, to adjust their operation in new conditions, in arrangement and job placement of arrived folks. The oilrig employees of Emba had introduced their very own contribution to a proceeding crushing defeat of the enemy. For the selfless labor they were awarded with the transient Pink banner of the State Committee of Protection for ten instances, our region also was awarded with the identical banner for a several times for profitable accomplishment of authorities shipping plans, to Novobogatinsk area the transient Crimson banner of the State Committee of Protection had been left there for an eternal storage. Into enterprises of the oil business has grown up such an exquisite personnel as Balganym Dospayeva, Ivan Krepostin, Yermek Dutbayev, Sary Yusupov, Aukhatov’s brothers, Urazov’s and lots of others.

Accordingly to the archival paperwork were established that labor union of the teachers was formed in October of 1917 and was named “Trainer’s union of the Guryev-Lbishensk region” (a record of a session proceedings from October 29, 1917). In 1918 it was renamed and was named “Reign of the pupil’s union of Guryev metropolis and its areas”. In August of 1920 the overall assembly of authorities make a decision to reorganize of “Scholar’s union” and create a new which have been named “Worker’s union of Enlightenment and Socialist’s tradition”. By adopted regulations is traced to that trainer’s labor union from the primary days of its establishment was set the issue to exhibit a caring for people of labor, a wrestle for his pursuits, improvement of their labor and family life conditions. The 15-th of March in 1939 had taken place constitutive convention of the trainer’s labor union, during that conference was formed regional committee of the labor union for an elementary and secondary faculties employees. Gumarov Zeynulla was chosen as a chairman. Guryev’s territorial labor union of the well being care employees was established in 1924 and was generally known as “Medsantrud”, by the 1935 it was unite 23 preliminary organizations. in 1938 it has grew to become the regional committee of the well being care worker’s labor union.

Guryev’s regional committee of the labor union of fish industry workers was formed in 1946, Tambovtsev Stepan Yephimovich was chosen as a chairman. Rapid growth of the nationwide financial system in republic in postwar years has demanded following improvement and development of the labor union’s formation.

Important part in rising and enchancment of labor of the labor union’s organizations performed labor union’s Councils, that needs to be restored and created again in republics, lands, regions in accordance with the willpower of 19-th Plenum VCSPS (in 1948). At that period in our region had labored four sectoral region’s committee of labor union and district committee of a labor union of railwaymen of the Guryev’s department of Orenburg’s railway, committees of labor unions of communications and of Astrakhan sheep breeding state farm. As in other areas of the area was wanted a coordinating of the labor union work organ. To this goal the 1-st of November of 1948 was conducted the primary regional between the union constituent conference, where was formed regional Council of labor unions and as a chairman was chosen Djumakhanov Kumar Musinovich, previously he has labored as a deputy registrar of provincial committee of celebration for trade, secretary was – Akhmedjanov Karim. In reference to creating of between union’s organ, of improvement and consolidation of sectoral labor unions in area occur the organizational consolidation of labor unions. Thus from November 1948 to the 1-st of July of 1951 the amount of members of labor union increased from 35 thousand to forty one,5 thousand. By that period were 524 primary labor union’s organizations, eight sectoral regional committees, 1 city committee, 1 district committee of labor union and 1 republican committee of labor union of petroleum industry staff. Archival paperwork are displaying that from the second of forming regional council of labor unions its work has to be directed for enchancment and consolidation of relations between the totally different sectorals, enchancment of social and dwelling situations of working people, association of cultural leisure, care for well being, creation the safe conditions of work. In a word all the job have been directed on realization of radical economical reform, that was going on then below the route of celebration. To the labor unions have been entrusted the National social insurance. This is an enchancment of working people’s and their kids health, payments of different advantages, payment of temporary incapacity allowance. From 1960-th years operates “Guryevskiy” sanatorium, at labor union insistence by organizations were constructed and reconstructed sanatoriums- preventoriums for chemists, oil industry staff, building workers, automobilists, power engineering specialists, ANPZ, fishermen in Ganyushkino village. Only in two years (1976-1977) utilizing the labor union’s route sheet in numerous well being-improving sanatoriums has improved their health sixteen thousand folks, 715 individuals – by tourist’s vouchers had visited international countries, 12 thousand of scholars – were in pioneer camps. Underneath the direction of labor unions had worked non-government organizations NTO, VOIR, Home of the beginner creation, sport’s societies “Kairat”, “Enbek”, ” Labor reserves”, 300 clubs and crimson corners, 27 libraries with holdings of 173 thousand books, 90 everlasting and 30 portable film projectors. Organization and summation of socialist competition tackled primarily by labor unions. At XV regional between union convention (1977) had been reported that by outcomes IX five-yr plan inside area 542 livestock employees and agriculture have been awarded the orders and medals, 1600 folks had been awarded a title “Winner of the Socialist competitors”, 540 individuals – title “Record-setter in work productiveness IX of a five-year plan”.

Regional council of labor unions had been directed such statesmen as S. Mukashev (1962-1963 years), Kamalidenov Z. (1970), they’ve gone by party’s college, they worked beforehand as a secretaries of the district and city committees, Khalelov M., Alenova U., Aitzhanov B., Izteleuov B., Madimov I., Gabdusalimova M.

Of 67 years of activity, 27 year a regional Federation had worked jointly with Mangishlaks’s labor union organizations, because it was common region.

In 1990 – 1995 years throughout the country had been going reforms. At that interval closing down enterprises, organizations, that had led naturally to the axe of quantity of labor union organizations and members of labor union. Thereby were closed 4 sectoral regional committees and 5 united committees of labor union. Within the very regional Federation of labor union that had consisted previously of 12 departments with 50 of specialists, had remained solely 5 workers. In 1996 yr by the government of Republic made a call about separation from labor unions organizations tackled with Nationwide social insurance. At that very period by the supply of the part of activists had been formed two regional councils of labor unions (territorial and sectoral) that had adverse reflected on effectively coordinated work of labor unions (experiment of creating of district municipal Soviet labor unions in our area among different 3 areas of the Union that was carried out in 1988-1990 by decision VCSPS). In 1997 was modified once more to the sectoral precept of labor in labor unions. Shock reforms, hasty privatization, liberalization of the costs and rates, delay of salary and pension payments had provoked protest from the facet of labor unions, had critically strained relations between the labor and capital. In this years the labor unions had been standing on precept place for protection of the pursuits of working individuals.

Folks enter into the labor unions for protection of their economic interests, but first of all a labor’s. On the period of reforms they started to understand that’s changing into tougher to guard their very own rights by oneself, therefore they have referred to the labor unions, thus confidence to the labor unions has permanently developed. Legal foundation of labor union’s exercise inserted in many documents, starting from the constitution RoK and different legislational acts of state, sustaining social and legal relationships. Federation of the labor unions of their practical work is guided by these paperwork. As considerations of concrete social and economic, labor’s rights of the citizen and of worker, that the primary occasion of 2014 was signing by the President of the country the regulation of Republic of Kazakhstan “About labor unions” (hereinafter – the Legislation). The law was significantly enlarged the rights of the Kazakhs and labor unions in different areas of labor relationships.

From the 2008 activity of conclusion of a collective contracts had turn out to be extra lively. The amount of the labor unions which have concluded collective bargaining contract and agreement inside an space reached 669, that’s 100 % of enterprises and organizations where the labor unions are operated. To this motto labor unions having added an personal catchword: “Create labor union’s organization”! Due to the novelties which had been in Law has been stipulated accountability of an employer in refusing from conduct of negotiations with the workers or with an worker consultant to the conclusion of a collective settlement in addition to appreciably simplified process of creation of the labor union’s initial cells with out registration at the institutions of justice. We’re positive that in near future the acutely aware employers will likely be curious about creation of labor unions themselves, as labor union’s organizations are always help constructional and mutually beneficial dialogue between an employer and employee.

A significant function in solving downside of protection of rights of the employees performs a mechanism of social participation. This work is finishing up up to speed. Operates a tripartite agreement (yearly signed) between regional Akimat, Federation of labor unions and affiliation of the employers. Quarterly participate in a conference tripartite fee, where consider precise socio-economic relations between employers and workers, to listen to factory managers, of organizations, where displaying up irregularities of labor legislation, battle situations.

Between all of the appearing in area sectoral, united committees of labor unions and their partners had concluded sectoral (tariff) settlement. Federation of regional labor unions at this time – it’s 669 initial labor union’s organizations, one regional (oil industry workers), 7 regional sectoral committee of labor union, which united 83907 members of labor unions. Officials of this committees are experienced, confidential of their members of labor union employees, the primary activity of whom directed on protection of socio-economic rights of residents to work, his honest pay, safety towards unemployment and lawlessness, for regular circumstances of labor. At the complicated market’s transformation time, arrival of the overseas investors to work of safety of the rights and pursuits of working inhabitants and of the labor union’s organizations sectors make a major contribution such a labor union’s leaders as Batyrov Ok., Kabdulov T.B., Kanbetov SH.A., Sarsenova N.D., Uteuliyev E.K., Yesimova ZH., Ashenova A.B., Kaynenov Okay.Okay., and plenty of others. Actively working the labor union’s organizations of the leading enterprises of trade in region – AO “ATMA”, of the Atyrau’s oil refinery plant, AO “Atyrau Zharik”, headed by Gabdusalimova M.G., Urimbasarov K.M., Djumazhanova A.G., regional social councils of chairmen of initial labor union’s organizations.

Time has proved the correctness of the chosen path and as we speak we glance into the longer term with confidence. Through the last many years, structure of the Federation of labor unions because the very mass unification of working population in area are stabile. The members of the labor union in region are approximately 85% from the final number of giant and center enterprises staff and one third from the number of economically energetic inhabitants, that almost twice exceed the common indices in Republic, that is the real indicator of confidence of our activity. In nearest prospects – enlargement of sphere of exercise on factories with the international participation, that engaged of Tengiz and Kashagan development, JV and the personal firms, which have already been began in building and oil and gas of the areas.

To realize a work at the world of protection of rights and interests of working inhabitants, to contribute to strengthening of labor union’s organizations, to provision of the ensures of their activity and illustration of their interests to the next labor union organization and to bodies of govt power of the region, Federation of labor unions always work together with Federation of labor unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, collaborating on the all important arrangements and supporting legislative initiatives. And our international relations develop into wider. Immediately Federation of labor unions of the region takes part in instructional, informational applications and interact with VKP, MK NGSP, IndustriALL, of the sectoral labor union’s organizations of the nations of Commonwealth of Impartial States.

The necessity of the realization of our objectives was dictated by modified situations of development of the nation. Energetic involvement of the Kazakhstan into a global worldwide processes. Industrial growth of the economics, strengthening of the effectively-being of the individuals and the entry at the 30-ty of very advanced countries of the world inside the framework of realization of Strategy “Kazakhstan 2050”.

For us the program doc was the speech of the President N.A Nazarbayev “20-ty steps to the society of the universal labour”. It in full measure has reflected all the spectrum of labor’s interrelations, emphasized the eye on a working people, gave the “green gentle” to the renewal of the activity of labor unions. The new impulse for system achievement of assigned aims quite not too long ago given on the message of the President of country: “Nurlyzhol – the best way into the long run”. Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev has made an attraction for efficiently use of not straightforward crisis period for scaled breakthrough of the financial system of Kazakhstan.

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