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A Message To Sheriff Kirchmeier in my phrase is The Medication. When you learn these words they are no longer be without, but they may perpetually dwell within you, for I’m in my power.

The Imaginative and prescient
I was talking to Black Coyote as I sat with him and the opposite elders of the Ghost Council. This was in the spring of 2008 simply earlier than I began my great journey via the suffering which leads to wretchedness and despair, solely to reveal the blessing of deliverance on the very brink of self-destruction. And he confirmed me today, and he spoke of tomorrow. And I used to be not afraid because he smiled too much, and he was nonetheless holding his rifle. However it didn’t look the identical, as it appeared to be usual from some form of treasured metallic corresponding to gold, and it was encrusted with many valuable stones. I asked him how much he paid for it, and all the elders started to chortle, and so I began laughing too. However I could not cease laughing , and so I then began to weep, as the truth was an excessive amount of for me to bear. I then I fell to the ground sobbing, not like a man, but more like a bit boy. It is then that Noticed Elk got here forward, and he was surrounded by one hundred fifty, or perhaps 300 Lakota. And they appeared to be translucent, and their appearance reminded of a smokey, or frosted glass. And they were all there:

… and males
… and ladies
… and children

Spotted Elk then picked me up in his left hand, as if I have been a little Area Mouse who had misplaced his way, and who had simply been delivered from a den of vipers. In his proper hand it appeared that he was holding a broom. And to his facet was a big bucket. And the bucket was filled with blood, and it was the blood of innocents.

Spotted Elk dipped the broom in the bucket and started to paint me with the blood.
And once more he dipped the broom into the bucket and painted me with the blood.
And so as soon as again, and once more, and again.
And the blood dripped from my body and fell beneath me into the snow.
And he was standing up but he was additionally laying down.
Yet, he continued to hold me firmly in is hand, as if we had been an image frozen in time.

And it was not for a minute
Or for an hour
However it seemed that it lasted for more than 500 years

There was then an awesome shout, and Spotted Elk held me over the council fireplace in order that I is perhaps cast and branded by the flame; that my destiny could be sealed, so that no man could alter my course, and that no demon could lead on me astray. And that is how I came into my power. It was only days after my imaginative and prescient that the darkness came and forged me into a prison. And being so swallowed up, the reality reacted as an antibody, and began to spread like a virus all through the system of the evil host. And as it was foretold on the Ghost Council, coming into the ninth yr since my imaginative and prescient, the infection has unfold from the East to the West, and from the North to the South. Thus we see the revelation as it’s now unfolding at Standing Rock. However there is no such thing as a need to seek a cure, as a result of right here in the Earth you haven’t been infected with a disease, however only with The Medicine.

And so, having confirmed my authority to those who possess the reward of sound and imaginative and prescient, I now reveal what should be accomplished in North Dakota.

Gods Plan For North Dakota
In response to the Legislation Enforcement group of North Dakota, I offer a solution that can clear up your entire issues. Regarding these of you who are poor in spirit, and who don’t have anything to offer in return for this magnanimous gesture, I say to all, be of excellent cheer. For I’m confident that the Creator of All Things has already coated me in full. The man who rides on the back of a lion needs no safety from a monkey riding on a faster horse. What follows is Gods plan for North Dakota, and all is properly with me.

Initially, the Black Snake should not only be discontinued, however it should even be dismembered, in order that there isn’t any remnant of this abomination upon the land. Starting in the year 2017, on the third Sunday of each month for the subsequent 3 years, in each county of North Dakota, the people shall have a great feast. And this nice feast shall be attended by representatives of

… the Indigenous tribes

… the African tribes

… the Asian tribes

… the Center Japanese tribes

… and the European tribes.

The feast shall start at 9 A.M on Sunday morning and will finish at 7 P.M. that Sunday night. There will probably be singing and dancing, and such merriment as by no means before seen within the state of North Dakota. In December of the third 12 months, on the last Sunday of the month, an amazing furnace that has been financed by Kelcy Warren shall be positioned at the positioning of the Wounded Knee Massacre. This great melting pot will receive all the badges, and the entire weaponry of Law Enforcement all through North Dakota; this will include the ammunition, the water cannons, and the entire rubber bullets. From the molten steel might be fashioned an ornate garden hoe; a Weapon of Prayer that shall be gold plated, with a three eighths of an inch turquoise border running down each facet of the handle. The handle shall measure 9 toes long, with a circumference of 3 inches. The blade shall measure 9 inches throughout. A chosen female elder from every North Dakota tribe will together journey to the 4 corners of North Dakota. At the suitable location they may seize hold of this Weapon of Prayer:

At location 48.7939° N, 97.6223° W they shall stand collectively

At location forty eight.9142° N, 103.2949° W they shall stand together

At location 46.1831° N, 103.3949° W they shall stand together

At location forty six.2652° N, 96.6059° W they shall stand together

… and in unison they shall strike the bottom

… and in unison they shall break the ground

In every location they shall plant an oak tree. Thus, from out of the Earth the peace and the prosperity that you just search will rise up and rain upon the state of North Dakota, because the falling autumn leaves spread throughout the land. And so I’ve shewn the way to life, as we can only go in one in every of two directions.

Mr. Sheriff Kyle L. Kirchmeier, perhaps you and many others will counsel that this plan I have offered isn’t solely impractical, but also very foolish and bizarre. And that is to be anticipated. But make no mistake about my sincerity, or my authority. The human physique is however a vessel,or a placeholder; not in contrast to the icons on a pc desktop. And if you’re searching for the pinnacle of the snake you won’t discover it here, for I’m legion.

The late great Andy Williams once sang an exquisite music entitled “Are You Honest?” Here are a number of the lyrics:

“… Are you honest once you say I love you? / Are you sincere when you say I’ll be true? / Do you mean every phrase that my ears have heard?”

tube plate automatic weldSure, I’m really honest, and sure I’m very critical. How serious am I? I’m as critical because the third coronary heart attack in an elevator that is caught on the 4th ground! A quick evaluate of the historic report reveals that so-referred to as practicality, and an completely mechanistic Eurocentric interpretation of actuality, has only delivered us into a world of perpetual pain and misery; a world the place the few have enslaved the various, and where the life of a baby, the very future of mankind, is price lower than a greenback, and a glass of clear dwelling water is worth lower than a can of low-cost motor oil.

© 2016 Ronnie wrenchBiscuit

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sendingNorine Williams eight months in the past

Sorry it took me so lengthy to reply but ALL IS Effectively from the physician’s report! Again, I give GOD *ALL* the GLORY for my healing of Stage IV cancer to a pathology report indicating “Most cancers FREE!” Thanks JESUS!

Dear heart, I do not want to disappoint you, however I’m not a “fortune teller!” GOD has given me a present of “understanding” HIS Word by way of “revelation!” Sometimes Phrase involves me from HIM in goals, visions and that i did not understand they had been IN SCRIPTURE! HE speaks to me straight on issues HE desires me to work on! Unfortunately, the North Dakota Pipeline will not be considered one of them! However, I can let you know that GOD appears to be like at the top to the start; not as we from the beginning to the tip. HE knew from the beginning there could be enough supplies (oil included) to accommodate the world Before creation! It’s but the ‘greed’ of man that continues to destroy! GOD gave ‘man’ dominion over The whole lot on the earth they usually continue to destroy for the love of money after which BLAME GOD!

Oh my technique to physician for test up. Will reply upon return.

I agree Norine. Now, what do you suppose God is going to do about North Dakota. And what do you think must be performed?

GOD is “really” Superb! I one way or the other inserted the first sentence of your response to me into “Google” (“It’s exceptional, and quite predictable, that you’d…”) and guess what pulled up? “Christianity Archive 15 – Wikipedia” during which the “Council of Chalcedon” was being discussed.

More confirmation – LIES!

GOD IS Awesome!

Isaiah eight:20 “If they communicate not in line with THIS Word, there is no such thing as a Light in them;therefore, I am “predictableand in alignment with GOD’S Word! In fact, “GOD just isn’t confined to the pages of a bookregardless of who “compiled‘The Bookyet IT was “inspired by GODeven the LIES therein to see if we might ‘pass the TESTof OBEYING HIS ‘LASTCommandment of “WAITINGfor Assist for LIES to be “revealedby HIM. Thereafter, HE speaks “DIRECTLYto people (Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews eight:12) and your assertion is then right “No man, race, or nationality has a monopoly on Godfor we will every hear Straight from HIM!

No one is “the image of GodUntil they Imagine on JESUS CHRIST! God has made ALL issues “beautifuland HE “rains on the simply and unjust(Matthew 5:45)! It’s a ‘thin linebetween ‘a spiritand “THE SPIRITas a result of Satan is aware of the best way to seem like ‘THE LIGHTas well (II Corinthians 11:14)! However, when one “glories in himself(Jeremiah 9:23; I Corinthians 3:21) it comes from ‘a lightand never “THE Mild!If giving Truth in HIS Word is perceived as “throwing a stumbling block in your path,the Prophet Isaiah told us “Woe unto them that name evil good, and good evil…(Isaiah 5:20) and it’s good to “examine your faith(II Corinthians 13:5)! What “great gifthave you been given? Are you Again “glorying in your self?You’re proper in saying “language is an abstractionand is why we should “WAITto listen to from HIM after which it would not “varynor be “based on ‘anygiven perspective or interpretationfor HE has ONE Mind and we would all be WITH ONE ACCORD!

The Ebook you’re referring to which was written by men who “dedicated genocide against another group, but then flip round and supply a stairway to heaven to the descendants of these whom they slaughtered” is THE “stairway to heaven!” I do know! I’ve ‘skilled!’ Do not suppose that THE SPIRIT I’ve acquired by BELIEVING has anything to do with the LIES entwined therein however they Could not change THE MESSAGE of “CONNECTION” to HIS SPIRIT! As soon as that is acquired, HE “REVEALS” *ALL* LIES!

You don’t really KNOW me although you’ve adopted and “tried to determine me out,I do know that Christianity (as the world has *established*) is a LIE! Man has rearranged “The Bibleby including and deleting to align with what *he* has interpreted! Do you actually suppose THE HOLY SPIRIT’S anointing on one is a “FOOL?I know way over I’ve written on HP which GOD has revealed during which “Christianity(as the world defines) IS A LIE!

I keep telling ALL “TO Join,and they will also KNOW Reality! I’ve experienced HIS Energy! And in case you don’t Consider, “I can only suspect that it’s because it is not meant so that you can know(II Corinthians 4:1-7)!

It’s interested to note that you’re concerned with something as “trivial” as “Good looks, your type, your delivery and your interpretation of THE SPIRIT as being ‘nonsense’ and not giving ALL GLORY TO GOD for The whole lot! I am sixty six years old and the times of want for a “Good Wanting” man has ceased; Thanks be to GOD because along with anyone’s “Attractiveness” comes ‘baggage’ which I wouldn’t want to accumulate or “hold on” to the “prize!” You and your “Pepe La Pew” kind of love is of the world (aka Satan)!


Pricey Norine,

It’s outstanding, and quite predictable, that you’ll use scripture as a proxy to hurl your insults in my course. However that’s widespread apply here on Hubpages, and so I am not sorely offended. But I’ll admit that your methodology is extra fascinating, thoughtful, and artistic. Maybe sooner or later you will understand that God has not been confined to the pages of a ebook compiled over time by Jews and Europeans. No man, race, or nationality has a monopoly on God.

I am the picture of God. It is just God who has made me lovely,it is only God who has bestowed upon me my many talents, and it is just God who has delivered me from evil. What have you ever achieved but attempt to throw a stumbling block in my path? You suggest that a man who’s given an ideal reward should disguise it underneath a rock. You’re suggesting that I should not be thankful and pleased with the blessings bestowed upon me, however that I needs to be ashamed to talk it. Moreover, language is an abstraction. A word is solely a placeholder, and subject to variations primarily based on any given perspective or interpretation. Once i say I’m pleased, you do not know of how I outline happiness, but you’ll pretend to grasp. Consequently, a lot of my commentary has been misplaced in the translation. And that i can only suspect that this is because it’s not meant for you to know.

It by no means ceases to amaze me how a particular group of individuals can commit genocide in opposition to another group, but then flip around and supply a stairway to heaven to the descendants of those whom they slaughtered. I speak to God and God speaks to me. Your interpretation of one other’s interpretation of God, and numerous texts written and complied over the course of many, a few years is of no consequence in my life. If what you believe makes you happy, then you’re where you need to be. It is not I who’ve urged for you a new go well with of clothes, or that you must change the shade of your hair, or that you need to stroll and talk in a means that you’re unaccustomed.

It is fascinating to notice that you are extra involved with my good looks, my style, my delivery, and my interpretation of your religion, than the crimes against humanity being committed in North Dakota. It’s not unusual for a lady who’s attracted to a man like me to change into belligerent, and to act as if she hates him. Perhaps it is because she knows that she may never hold on to such a prize. But nevertheless, I discover this to be one of the good mysteries of life. And if you could know, Pepe La Pew , the Skunk, was one of my favourite characters on the Bugs Bunny Show.

I guess you might be assuming that “If God wanted to reveal one thing to ‘anybody’ HE would converse to them” straight? Subsequently, you don’t consider within the Prophets in Scripture? I perceive that a ‘prophet’ is one who is an impressed teacher or proclaimer of the will of God and since following me on HP, you’ve seen the place God has given me “revelation” in HIS Word!

Once you stated that you simply had been “The Rain Man” and “Good Trying Too,” no matter what “ritual” you went through to obtain ‘a spirit,’ I knew it was a spirit of ‘pleasure’ (“Good Looking”) and from Satan (“The Rain Man”)!

I Believe in the Bible for It’s the Phrase of GOD! Not only can it’s “picked up in a single’s hand,” however it was “inspired by GOD!” Due to this fact, let me remind you of what it says to ‘verify’ the spirit you obtained is one from Satan:

Proverbs 6:16-19 “These six issues doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A PROUD LOOK, A Lying TONGUE, AND Palms THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD, [Listen!] AN Heart THAT DEVISETH WICKED IMAGINATIONS, Toes THAT BE SWIFT IN Running TO MISCHIEF [SOUNDS Acquainted], A FALSE WITNESS THAT SPEAKETH LIES, AND HE THAT SOWETH DISCORD Among BRETHREN” [One other FAMILIARITY?]!

With that being stated, you’ve got “disenchanted me” and GOD for the ‘spirit’ you possess will not be from GOD! You solely want ‘leisure’ and really not excited by something regarding HIM however to continuously inflate your ‘pride’ and ‘ego!’

I hate to “disappoint you,” but there’s nothing additional to say to one that refuses to listen to the Phrase of GOD and have proven the need for ‘leisure!’

Once you perceive one is “a very good one for an argument” rather than doing what GOD HAS Stated (Leviticus 19:17; I Peter four:17), then I know you do not Consider!

Consequently, I am going to do what GOD has asked of me in Matthew 10:Eleven-15: “And into in anyway metropolis of city ye shall enter, ‘inquire’ who in it’s worthy; and there abide til ye go thence. And when ye come into an home, salute it. And if the house be worthy, allow you to peace come upon it: But when It be NOT WORTHY, LET YOUR PEACE RETURN TO YOU. “

[Hear!] ” And whosoever shall not obtain you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the mud of your toes. Verily I say unto you, It shall we more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment than for that metropolis.”

Due to this fact, I bid you adieu “metropolis!” Might GOD Bless You!

That is like asking if I consider in a raindrop or a sunbeam. With my restricted human perception they seem to exist , as the sunbeam strikes my eye and the raindrop cools my brow on the hot summer time afternoon. I’ve seen the e book, and it appears to exist. At this very second I might walk into my bedroom and choose it up in my right hand, and then I could lay the book down and pick it up again with my left, to make sure that my proper hand just isn’t a liar. On this manner I believe that it is true. But you are a superb one for an argument, and that too is one thing you consider in. But not to worry, I promise not to disappoint you.

No, I’m not! You already know since you’ve been following me since day one! Both you Imagine or NOT! You’re a “work of art” however I’m solely a servant of the LORD.

I assume you are assuming that “If God wanted to reveal something to ‘anybody’ HE would communicate to them” instantly? Therefore, you do not consider within the Prophets in Scripture? I perceive that a ‘prophet’ is one who is an impressed instructor or proclaimer of the will of God and since following me on HP, you’ve got seen the place God has given me “revelation” in HIS Phrase! Now that in itself is a “grand revelation!”

I am positive you’ve “studied” HIS Phrase and have followed me! Subsequently, you know the place I’m coming from! So once more I ask, Do you consider Scripture (aka Bible)?

Ok Norine, inform me what it says. As a result of I do know you’re going to anyway. However please keep in mind, I’m a work of artwork. The artist doesn’t necessarily rely on his/her creations to communicate with different works of artwork. That would be absurd. Even a human has the capacity to understand that.

I hardly suppose that if God needed to reveal one thing to you, that it would be essential to relay the message via me, or anybody else. I additionally perceive that a messenger, or a prophet, serves more as a witness to verify what God has already placed within the hearts of males, versus being the harbinger of a revelation. And that itself is a grand revelation.

“And God does not need me in order to speak to anyone.”

You don’t believe in the Bible?

AuthorRonnie wrenchBiscuit 8 months in the past

Here I’m responding to each Diane and Norine,

Thanks Norine for posting this invaluable info. I used to be not conscious of the problem of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. And it is something I’ll pursue.

What we check with as the mainstream is simply a majority who share an identical notion. The danger of such a shared notion is that it makes the folks susceptible to manipulation. This is the primary purpose of Nationalism. There are many gamers in the game, but there are two major and fundamental forces at work in North Dakota. There are these who are possessed, and who’ve been corrupted by demons, and there are those that need to stroll in the light. There is such an online of deception throughout us that it is tough for even essentially the most enlightened amongst us to separate truth from fiction. And so, I’ve lengthy since stopped trying to grasp what is clearly past human comprehension, or a minimum of my comprehension.

Am I actually addressing this message to the Sheriff of Morton County? That is a good query Diane. And the reply is: I don’t actually know. However you also needs to understand that I am not deeply concerned concerning the trigger or the effect. I am an instrument of God. Any will which I understand to be my own is at greatest an illusion, because without the breath of life that now keeps me sitting upright and typing these phrases, I’d don’t have any life, and thus I’d have no will. We have been confounded by words. The man I name my father, regardless of my emotions of love, respect, and admiration, is barely one other instrument; a divine instrument of God who assissted in my creation. God is my father,and God is my mother, and with out God I might have no life, nor would I’ve the Earth beneath my toes, or the stars above my head. As finest I can inform, it’s God who’s speaking to Sheriff Kirchmeier. And God does not need me in order to talk to anyone.

What God needs me to do is to accept my humility, and to manifest the skills that God has bestowed upon me. And so I proceed to do so with this essay. It isn’t vital for me to know God’s purpose, however only to move toward perfection. No man has planted a tree and then hoped for it to wither and die. And if the sapling is bent and broken in the storm, if there’s any life left in any respect, the man who planted the tree will not include an axe to chop it down, but he will include a rope and a stake to prop it up, in order that it’d develop straight and tall.

Many times I’ve been broken, and lots of occasions I have been mended. And although I’ve been sorely abandoned, I have never been alone. Consequently, when the spirit strikes me to speak out, I am certain to the need of God, as I owe allegiance to no different.


“Protect Theodore Roosevelt Nationwide Park From Massive Oil!

Zachary Kreps Moorhead, MN

The Nationwide Parks Service, Nationwide Parks Conservation Association and Coalition to protect America’s Nationwide Parks oppose what is perceived as a direct threat to Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s Class 1 Air Quality Standards, water quality and income.

The Meridian Energy Group has convinced North Dakota’s elected officials to rezone greater than 725 acres of farmland, located off the southern border of TRNP, to industrial use as a way to home their proposed petroleum refinery, a pipeline to this refinery and a BNSF loading terminal.

Pictured above is a view of the proposed refinery site from within TRNP southern border, upon Buck Hill. A view many guests of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota’s top tourist site and favourite vacation spot of Teddy himself, get pleasure from. The only thing retaining smoke stacks from billowing inside this view is a last approval from the North Dakota Division of Well being. An approval Meridian is confident in recieving within “120-one hundred fifty days.”

The NPS, the CPANP and NPCA not only appose the construction as a result of it would threaten TRNP’s Class 1 Air High quality Customary, which is protected underneath the Clean Air Act. Additionally they concern the refinery, together with the industrialization of the world it would deliver, will destroy the environment the park presents. In flip, they are saying it’ll doubtless affect the earnings of the park in a detrimental manner.

Please be a part of these organizations and lots of others in standing up to Meridian Power. Stop this refinery in its tracks earlier than it is too late!”

G. Diane Nelson Trotter 8 months in the past from Fontana

WB are you sending on to Kirchmeier? I can feel your passion.

Norine Williams 8 months in the past

From “The Nation Magazine:”

“It’s been over per week since the Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit for the Dakota Entry Pipeline to be constructed underneath the Missouri River and required an Environmental Influence Assertion before the undertaking might transfer ahead. The move came after water protectors and their allies stood sturdy for months against a militarized police drive that employed water cannons, canines, tear gasoline, and rubber bullets. They remained dedicated to peaceful resistance and they received.

We need to ensure that this victory is permanent. The incoming presidential administration is something however trustworthy and Energy Switch Companions and Sunoco Logistics, the businesses responsible for the pipeline, insist that they anticipate to complete drilling without any rerouting.

A technique we will help the water protectors is by focusing on the 17 banks at the moment financing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Nation has joined with the Indigenous Environmental Community,, Oil Change International, the Native Organizers Alliance, and 18 different organizations to name on these banks to support the sovereignty and rights of indigenous peoples and finish their assist for the pipeline. Will you join us?

The banks include many you might recognize: Wells Fargo, Citigroup, TD Financial institution. We want everybody to signal the petition but to make a larger impression, we’re asking prospects of these establishments who may be considering of transferring their money to take the extra step of noting where they bank and, if they’re snug disclosing, how a lot money they could probably move (this can be kept private and only used to get an aggregate determine).

We have to insist that these hugely powerful monetary establishments take a stand towards environmental racism and respect the sovereignty and rights of indigenous peoples. Inform the 17 banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline to cease supporting the pipeline now.”

Support immediately!

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