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U.S. Imports And Exports

In 2016, total U.S. commerce with foreign nations was $4.9 trillion. That was $2.2 trillion in exports and $2.7 trillion in imports of each items and services. The United States was the world’s third-largest exporter, after China and the European Union. It was the world’s second-largest largest importer after the EU. (Source: “U.S. Trade in Items and Companies,” U.S. Census. CIA World Factbook Rankings.)

What Does the United States Export
Goods make up greater than two-thirds of U.S. exports ($1.4 trillion). One-third of exported items are capital items ($519 billion). The biggest sub-category is industrial aircraft ($121 billion). Different capital goods embrace industrial machines ($51 billion), semiconductors ($44 billion), and telecommunications ($41 billion). Electric apparatus ($forty two billion) and medical gear ($35 billion) are also vital contributors.

Another third of exported goods is industrial supplies ($398 billion). The biggest sub-class is chemicals ($71 billion). Next are petroleum products ($51 billion), fuel oil ($30 billion) and plastic ($32 billion). Non-monetary gold is $20 billion.

Solely 13 percent of exported goods are shopper goods ($194 billion). This contains pharmaceuticals ($53 billion), cell telephones ($24 billion) and gem diamonds ($21 billion).

Cars make up 10 percent of all exported items.
In 2016, that was $a 5 petroleum derivatives hundred and fifty billion.

Just 9 p.c of exported goods are foods, feeds and beverages ($131 billion). The massive three are soybeans ($24 billion), meat and poultry ($17 billion) and corn ($eleven billion). Food exports are falling since many international locations do not like U.S. food processing requirements. That was a major block to the Obama administration’s profitable negotiation of the Transatlantic Commerce and Funding Partnership.

(Source: “Exhibit 7. Exports by End-Use Category,” U.S. Census.)
Companies contribute one-third of U.S. exports ($750 billion). The biggest single category was travel companies, at $293 billion. Pc and enterprise services export $178 billion. The subsequent category was royalties and license charges, at $120 billion. Other non-public providers, comparable to monetary services, added $one hundred twenty billion. Authorities and navy contracts added $20 billion. (Source: “U.S. Exhibit three. U.S. Exports of Providers by Main Category,” U.S. Census.)

What Does It Import
Greater than eighty % of U.S. imports are items ($2.2 trillion). Slightly lower than a 3rd of those are industrial machinery 5 petroleum derivatives and tools ($444 billion). The biggest sub-class is oil and petroleum merchandise, at $144 billion.

Capital items make up one-fourth of all items imported ($590 billion). That features computers ($114 billion) and telecommunications equipment, together with semiconductors ($123 billion).

semi-tubular reactorAlmost another quarter is consumer goods ($584 billion). Of this, apparel and footwear is the largest ($123 billion). Next is the cellphone and Television category ($121 billion). Pharmaceutical imports are $112 billion. U.S client spending is dependent upon these low-value imported goods.

The fourth-largest class is automotive automobiles, parts and engines at $350 billion. The food, feeds and drinks class is the smallest, at $130 billion. (Supply: “Exhibit 8. U.S. Imports by End-Use Category,” U.S. Census.)

Services make up 19 percent of imports ($502 billion). The most important category is travel and transportation services at $219 billion. The next is enterprise and pc services at $139 billion. Banking and insurance coverage is $73 billion. Final but not least was government service imports at $21 billion. (Source: “Exhibit four. U.S. Imports of Providers by Major Category,” U.S. Census.)

Because the United States imports greater than it exports, its trade deficit is $502 billion. Although America exports billions in oil, client items and automotive merchandise, it imports even more.

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