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World Economic system In Peril

World Economic System in Peril – A Kabbalistic Perspective
Shearing machine“Coming events solid their shadows lengthy prematurely.” When Al Gore talked about global warming, people referred to as him loopy. The same therapy was given to visionaries of the past, as recorded by history.
I see these shadows now. The reasons are many: some are financial, while others are religious. The philosophy behind it is partly logical.
The macro affects the micro. No matter happens to the mass has a direct impact on the individual. We’re in the middle of two wars – one religious, the opposite economic – brought on by an previous system of money transference with no trace, called “Havala”. It is used on your complete planet. All the money from the sale of medicine and oil is stored in vaults in type of gold nuggets. That is certain to threaten the financial order of the industrialized nations except we return to a gold standard. The strategy of Islamic states is fairly extra difficult, based mostly on very strict religious edicts. All these modifications are as a result of fast approaching Aquarian Age due to the precession of the equinoxes.
The sale of illegal medicine and oil has empowered Islamic and other nations to purchase arms in the open market. This has threatened most of the world markets. We see the proof of this in form of agitations and assaults in various nations.
If we don’t move shortly 411 petroleum platoon jodhpur lyrics to face this tsunami, then the whole economic system and the world civilization will face a challenge almost not possible to deal with. All of the trees that stand erect when confronted with a storm are uprooted. And that’s the law.
Our civilization within the Western Hemisphere is constructed on social and financial guidelines. What if, because of inside unrest and financial strain and an absence of faith within the mighty dollar, the Chinese authorities decides unexpectedly to unload US treasuries by the trillion Are you able to give me a logical resolution befitting the urgency of the scenario The end result can be a complete crash of the entire economic system. The USA has taught the world a society primarily based credit and about a hundred currencies of the world are in parity to the US dollar. When the US greenback dies, different nations die too and have nobody to turn to. The world GDP and the political systems are facing a peril the dimension of which may be very onerous to think about.
The coming struggle shall not require aircraft carriers we boast so much about. It shall be a jungle struggle. And dogs will eat canine. It is silly and makes no economic sense to use an atom bomb 411 petroleum platoon jodhpur lyrics to kill a mouse.
I fail to understand why world leaders, all involved in holding on to their political power sit quietly, afraid of upsetting the world’s apple cart. It’s about time someone with guts will speak up. We want far sight, imaginative and prescient and leaders with courage and guts to move the civilized nations in a direction which will guarantee non permanent safety of all.
The world’s financial, political and social safety is in the doldrums. In the previous couple of decades the sale of illegal medicine and oil by many nations made some states rich. They are not used to dealing with cash in big portions. The Islamic states don’t belief the non-Islamic nations, as they pursue religious and financial strategies not permitted by the Quran. But the USA has not taught them high finance and fashionable technological advances developed by the USA at a really high value.
The oil and drug wealthy nations bought gold bars for their vaults and transformed their money into US dollars. The Chinese purchased US treasuries – sooner or later when the USA decides to vary the economic system, the US treasuries will be unloaded available in the market. Are you able to guess the influence on the banking and monetary institutions of the world who do not belief the political leaders
The Western civilization faces a terrific problem for which we are least ready and most reluctant to face. Change is most painful, but the amoeba only strikes when it is uncomfortable. Are we uncomfortable sufficient yet What is your opinion, we want to know.
The edicts of the Holy Quran weren’t written to suit in the technological age we dwell in in the present day. They are archaic, however the Muslims take them for laws appropriate for eternity. This is a grave misunderstanding, however I’m sure the elite perceive the reality enshrined within the Holy e book.
Mind you, the educated Muslims take a distinct perspective than the illiterate fanatics. Without realizing it, they’re doing a fantastic disservice to the coming Muslim generations and they may not forgive them for the oversight with such significant consequences – however the Divine Law operates with justice. Hence, as you sow, so shall you reap.
The Saudi View:
What is the drop in oil prices about Riyadh may have a hidden agenda to dominate the world oil scene. Can they afford to confront Russia and Iran with out political and financial repercussions
A few facts about Saudi Arabia: more than 70,000 persons are stateless, while a quarter of the inhabitants consists of Bedouins (nomads) which are generally known as goat and sheep herders of the desert.
One technique seems to be to maintain crude prices under $50 a barrel. Venezuela and Russia will both endure. India and China will benefit economically.
Saudi Arabia is behind this drop as the OPEC’s chief. Would this transfer pave the best way for the Syrian region to collapse Russians like the oil price at $a hundred a barrel. However now oil under $50 a barrel will bring down the ruble and the overseas reserves will bleed.
We must regulate our sails in response to the route of the winds that blow or perish. What’s your view