Lesco seems to be the go to model for skilled degree lawns. Our neighbor whose lawn is a lush thick dark inexperienced all 12 months lengthy that he maintains himself as a interest uses Lesco as nicely.

When Googling however, it appears previously few years Lesco stores and webpage have closed and now it redirects you petroleum equipment suppliers to JohnDeerLandscapes. One would presume they own Lesco but upon further looking out it seems another firm http://www.turfcaresupply.com/ bought Lesco.

Lesco is offered at Home Depot now however I think about it is a special dumb down blend aimed toward dwelling house owners and the high quality blends bought to professionals is only out there at other shops. Some websites appear to confirm this others say its the same depending in your region. In the event you loved this short article and you want to receive more info about Plant generously visit the site. We are in New Hampshire.

Is there a approach to search out out if the fertilizer at our local home depot is similar because the professional ones primarily based on the label? The weed and feed for example is 18-zero-9 sluggish release (although other posts have mentioned Residence Depot model isn’t slow release).