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There is a excessive chance of severe dehydration as a considerable amount of fluid and electrolytes are lost due to fixed diarrhea. It can pose a critical menace to life significantly for small kids and the elderly. Due to this fact, you cannot afford to neglect the problem, so go to a physician as soon as attainable. Medical doctors conduct exams like X-ray of the intestines and colonoscopy to establish the precise trigger. Specific treatment is then carried out which is based upon the underlying drawback. They prescribe anti-diarrheal drug to regulate the watery bowel movements. Antibiotics are prescribed if there are signs of bacterial infection. When the condition is extreme, strong meals have to be averted as long because the stomach doesn’t settle. During this time, drink loads of water to replenish the misplaced fluid. Thus you can forestall dehydration of the physique. As soon as the frequency of bowel movements decreases, docs recommend BRAT weight-reduction plan for diarrhea. The diet consists of bananas, boiled white rice, applesauce, and dry white toast. Additionally they advise these patients to take satisfactory amount of rest and remain stress free.

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