Air pollution is a serious environmental downside going through mankind right now. This is particularly the case in industrial areas and nations of the world. What are the most important causes and sources of air pollution? What will be carried out to reduce the amount of contaminants in the air we breathe at this time?

Some causes of air pollution are smog, acid rain and nuclear problems. Smog is a word used to describe a mixture of smoke and fog. In some places like Mexico City, persons are advised to remain indoors when the smog focus is excessive.

Carbon monoxide is one other common air pollutant found in most cities. It comes largely from cars and is extremely poisonous. Eighty p.c of carbon monoxide comes from burning gasoline and diesel in cars. The combustion of coal, oil and gasoline account for much of the air borne pollutants. Fossil fuel-fired electric power plants, industrial boilers and residential furnaces emit more than 80 per cent of sulphur dioxide, 50 per cent of nitrogen oxides and 40 per cent of particulates into the ambiance.

Iron and steel mills; zinc, lead, and copper smelters; municipal incinerators; petroleum refineries; cement factories; and sulphuric acid plants are different main sources of air pollution.

Photochemical oxidants (primarily ozone and peroxyacetyl nitrate [PAN] and aldehydes), formed in the ambiance by reaction of nitrate oxides, hydrocarbons and sunlight additionally pollute the air. Even carbon dioxide at high focus (>5000ppm over 2-8 hours) may be injurious to well being.

It’s apparent that the major causes of air pollution are products of human actions. The solution due to this fact lies in slicing down on such activities or replacing polluting industrial products with non-polluting options.

Researches must be intensified on discovering higher alternate options for polluting sources equivalent to gasoline, diesel and different fossil fuels. We should study and determine to dwell inexperienced by utilizing green products. That method we’d reduce the harm we are already doing to our environment via air pollution.

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