UOP is the world leading provider of hydrotreating know-how with maore than 330 units lincesned for the reason that 1950’s, including greater than 50 units licensed in the final six years.

The UOP VGO Unionfining course of gives higher high quality and higher yields of FCC gasoline with decrease yields of FCC light and heavy cycle oils within the FCC unit. The everyday application of this know-how is FCC feed pretreatment. The feeds that can be processed in the VGO Unionfining process embody straight-run vacuum gas oil, heavy coker fuel oil and visbreaker gasoline oil. This course of will also be used to supply low sulfur fuel oil.

Our options embrace a full range of world-class hydrotreating catalyst options used in conjunction with rigorously chosen processing situations to achieve your required product properties at minimum funding and operating prices.

Mild hydrocracking can enhance distillate production inside your refinery complicated. If you have any questions pertaining to where and the best ways to use Price, you could contact us at our own webpage. If you need to provide extra high-quality distillate but nonetheless produce FCC feedstock, optimizing the UOP MHC Unicracking course of with the FCC unit is essential.

This course of can be used to extend distillate manufacturing in each new models and in revamps of current FCC pretreating models whereas balancing the feed to the FCC unit and preserving it full. The feed stability and asset allocation should be reviewed and optimized throughout the MHC Unicracking, FCC and Distillate Unionfining technologies for the optimum product quality and balance.

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