Concerning per capita oil consumption, I relied on charts of others somewhat than doing my own calculations. Doing the calculations now, here’s what I give you:

U.S. Census estimates put the world inhabitants at mid-yr in 1967 at 3,490,051,163. The population at mid-yr in 2011 was estimated at 6,940,712,355. The BP Statistical Review of World Vitality reports total world liquid gasoline manufacturing for 1967 as 35.541 million barrels per day. For 2011 it was 88.034 mbpd. Multiply both numbers by 365 to get the yearly total after which divide by the inhabitants and also you get 3.7 barrels per capita in 1967 versus four.6 barrels per capita in 2011 which is a 24.6 % improve.

Whether or not you regard this as considerable, it nonetheless resulted in a vast enhance within the demand for liquid fuels.

(I was unable to get acceptable knowledge on crude plus lease condensate for both years which is my most well-liked solution to measure true oil production since the lease condensate actually enters the petroleum production stream. This is not like pure gas plant liquids that are included in measures of total liquid fuels.

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