Every ready-bodied Baloch from younger to previous must choose up the gun (and the pen) and fight the battle for our survival in our ancestral land. Our enemy only understands the language of drive, and subsequently, the Baloch must battle it out to defend our 780-kilometers of coastline and riches of gasoline, oil, gold, silver and Petroleum copper. Martyrdom is far better than residing a life of a minority in our own land. Remember the phrases of Tipu Sultan: “It is much better to stay like a lion for a day than to reside like a jackal for 100 years

Be forewarned in opposition to the intrigues of fellow Baloch whose conduct is just like past traitors of the Indian sub-continent like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq. We should learn from the struggle of the Iraqi Kurds who braved the chemical weapons used on them by the tyrant Saddam Hussein; their persistence and immense sacrifices supplemented with American help have earned them larger autonomy in today’s Iraq.

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We’ve embarked on a path of armed confrontation with our enemy who will not be honest in resolving the grievances of the Petroleum Refining Process Equipment Baloch individuals. Staging peaceful protests, holding negotiations, and sitting in parliamentary committees is a factor of the past now. The time has come for each Baloch to affix our armed struggle for freedom. This message is a name for resistance against our enemy’s forces who wish to capture the land and natural sources of the Baloch individuals.