Ensure the proper dosage without over-functions and failures also for pesticides and liquid fertilizer.


The VERION gear adapts to any machine for liquid fertilizer with the option of two methods for dosage management.

The management is completed via hydraulic engines by the hydraulic control of the tractor and controls the circulate of the machine pump. The system controls up to three products independently, making the automatic dosing by georeferenced map (one map for each product).

The second technique is to manage the move via an digital mechanism of management valves coupled to a movement meter that displays the doses applied; this system can be installed on any machine with electronic management valves extensively used for spraying, also performing the automatic shutdown of the bar sections.

The system has a wide range of dose variation used in double bar or a number of nozzles.

Guidance by means of virtual road and light bar may be carried out in the same panel. The digital street allows the operator greater perspective of the path, which might change the route before the error is made, especially in curved paths. Mapping can be completed in actual time, permitting visualization of the world already utilized Petroleum Refinery Manufacturer avoiding over-applications. In case of over-functions, utility is mechanically shutdown.