The month-to-month oil stocks collection covers the supply of crude oil and petroleum products to the Community. It covers stocks in the next locations: refinery tanks, bulk terminals, pipeline tankage, barges and intercostal tankers (when port of departure and vacation spot are in the identical nation), tankers in a port of a member nation (if their cargo is to be discharged on the port), inland ship oil And Gas Production bunkers. Exclude navy stocks, stocks held in pipelines, in rail tanks vehicles, in truck tanks cars, in sea-going ships’ bunkers, in service stations, in retail shops and in tankers at sea. Two fundamental forms of stockholding obligations are existing : Emergency stocks, where all Member States are obliged to keep a sure volume of crude oil and petroleum products, based mostly on the annual stage of web imports or the annual degree of consumption (particularly distillation for producers). Particular stocks, the place Member States may undertake a commitment to maintain a certain volume of petroleum products, owned by the federal government or the Central Stockholding Entity. Monthly oil stocks information assortment covers the full spectrum of the 28 Member States of the European Union, from 2013 onwards.