A one web page bullet-point notice by the group was delivered to the Vice-President of Engineering, Wayne Swafford, who met the group outside the constructing they are located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The notice to Saddle Back listed the next:

We are the Caretakers of Land, Elders and the Children
We’re advocates for our land and stand united with our allies
We unite to protest Saddle Butteā€™s plans to construct its proposed oil pipeline near our sacred Chaco canyon lands & the destruction of what fracking is doing to our valuable drinking groundwater
We are here today to protect Mother Earth and her western rocky backbone

The proposed oil pipeline will start from south of Farmington and end near U.S. Interstate 40 where railroad tracks are carefully aligned to the freeway. The proposed path for the pipeline will undergo the Navajo Nation, indigenous communities, and near the infamous Chaco Canyon that is home to Pueblo Bonito. Chaco Canyon is sacred to indigenous peoples from the Southwest region of the United States into Mexico and Guatemala.

Several questions have been posed to Mr. Swafford that included his thoughts on the impact to sacred lands and if he needed to say anything to the Navajo Folks & other indigenous peoples. His response was that the oil must get from level A to point B and that it is the one method to get there. He further stated that Saddle Butte does not produce oil and is only making an attempt to make it a safer setting for everybody.

Saddle Butte pipeline, stay out of our communities. Protect what’s sacred to us. Water, land, life and Chaco canyon. We stand united to protect Mom Earth.

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