We’ve created a world run on fossil fuels, particularly oil. The world is hungry for it and is willing to create battle to get it. It’s an insatiable appetite that grows by the day and must be satiated in any respect costs. The prime example is the Alberta Tar Sands where one million barrels of crude are produced from the numerous processing plants there on daily basis. The great cost has been to the setting.

The damage is staggering. It’s an environmental catastrophe zone of mammoth proportions. Not solely is the land in very critical situation the processing plants are so big that they create their very own weather systems. The air is sooty and grey.

What was as soon as a pristine green panorama is now erased to be changed with a black disaster past description. For so far as the attention can see is a surreal panorama of big extraction and refining plants belching black smoke and fireplace, large, deep strip mines and mammoth tailing ponds held in examine by some of the world’s largest dams. Heartbreaking, does not even come close to a description of the environmental injury, especially on such a massive scale.

For over a century, experts and engineers have been trying to determine how to take advantage of the bitumen and convert it into artificial crude oil. Bitumen is a thick, tar-like hydrocarbon that’s the bottom of the refining process.

In the mid 1990’s, the bit monolithic oil companies moved in and began the process of creating one of the world’s biggest environmental disasters. The first major expansion started in 1996 and is anticipated to achieve a production level of 4 to 5 million barrels of oil per day by the year 2020. Near $100 billion has already been spent on infrastructure, extraction and refining with not a single cent spent of repairing the environmental injury. That is an incredible revelation as a result of in the early nineties not a single penny of funding was even conceived for the area and oil was selling for lower than $20 per barrel.

Petroleum refining in the United States - Wikipedia

There’s so much oil there that manufacturing will not be going to stop anytime quickly. It requires an amazing quantity of water and different resources to maintain the tar sands challenge going. It could be nice if there was a plan to clean up the mess and restore it to near its authentic condition. It could be a shame if our kids inherited this nightmare.

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