I am all in favour of determining how the stock market works in this recreation but each time I think I do know, it doesn’t go how I anticipate. With the exception of stocks which get triggered by story mode missions and events (Lester’s missions and the Tinkle guy) I don’t suppose the web stocks behave differently primarily based on your actions. I’ve experimented with LCN and it seemed like robbing GruppeSechs trucks made it drop in addition to trying to blow up the vault in the Fleeca banks you may enter. However I’m still unsure. I’ve never heard that you may blow up oil derricks or where they’re situated though there are many oil tankers being driven around which I’ve taken benefit of now and again.

Petroleum industry in Canada - WikipediaI’ve gone back and forth from considering the stocks are programmed to drop on LCN after a quick rise but I can’t affirm it. So I would additionally like to listen to from other people who are desirous about manipulating the stocks.

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