Query: How soon can I fertilize my lawn?

Answer: That point is now for fescue lawns. Fescue lawn fertilization can start as early because the final week of January and proceed by way of mid-March. This time interval is vital particularly in case you are applying a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer. These products should be in place earlier than the last week of March. Crabgrass germination begins in late March. Do not use crabgrass preventers if you happen to intend to sow fescue seed this spring. It is better to fertilize fescue now than later in the spring when the times are hotter. People who wait to fertilize later pay the value by mowing twice per week. Fertilization of Bermuda grass (wiregrass) begins in mid-Could.

Question: I’m totally confused by all of the brands of fertilizer in the garden centers and all the different numbers on the bags. How does anyone understand how much to purchase and what type is greatest?

Answer: It all boils right down to how much cash you want to spend. For many small neighborhood lawns that have been fertilized for years, I’d recommend shopping for a slow release fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio of nutrients. The protection space is printed on the bag. Subsequently, it’s best to estimate the sq. footage of your lawn earlier than you go purchase fertilizer. Let the cost of the fertilizer determine the brand you buy if the coverage area is identical. If you have a lawn that was just lately carved out of the woods or has been neglected, I might suggest using a starter fertilizer comparable to 10-20-20 (10 pounds per 1000 square ft) or 17-17-17 (6 pounds per one thousand square toes) this spring. Using rates increased than this is a waste of money.

Query: I can’t take you significantly anymore if you want me to imagine that honey might be made from poison ivy. Does this plant really flower?

Reply: The flowers appear in early Could and are yellow or greenish-white in coloration. They seem in clusters and are inconspicuous. You could take the time to look for them. They are typically discovered high up in the bushes and on the ends of protruding vines. They don’t stay round for long. In late summer, the fruit of poison ivy appears. It ranges in color from white to grey and is a favourite of migratory birds and deer. As for the honey, I’ve by no means tasted it however have a pal who has. It have to be good, after all it gained first place in a honey tasting contest.

Query: The leaves on my Peruvian lily are turning yellow. What is fallacious?

Reply: Peruvian lilies are a stupendous flowering plant. Its beauty and a salesperson talked me into planting some in my dwelling landscape. To my disdain, I watched them decline over the summer season stem by stem. Every stem rotted off at the bottom and died. They do not like our clay soils. I ought to have recognized better. In addition, we’re in plant zone the place it is simply too cold for them to tolerate the winter. If this lily is an indoor potted plant then water it sparingly. Yellow leaves are often an indication of overwatering. I nonetheless study more by my errors than some other type of learning.

Rett Davis is a retired Alamance County Extension Director and Certified Arborist. You’ll be able to email your questions to him at Rett_Davis@ncsu.edu.

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