Ensyn’s biocrude is a low carbon feedstock to be used in petroleum refineries for the manufacturing of renewable gasoline and diesel in an revolutionary and game-altering utility often called Refinery Co-processing.

In Refinery Co-processing, Ensyn’s biocrude is used as a feedstock for the Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) unit in refineries. FCC units are present in most refineries worldwide and are used to supply gasoline and diesel from petroleum feedstocks, together with vacuum gasoline oil (VGO). oil And Gas Production When Ensyn’s biocrude is processed alongside traditional FCC fossil feedstocks (at usage charges as much as approximately 5%), the biocrude performs comparably to VGO on a volumetric basis producing ASTM specification renewable gasoline and diesel.

Refinery Co-processing presents refiners a cheap method of reducing the carbon-intensity of their merchandise. Co-processing Ensyn’s biocrude produces ASTM specification transportation fuels and subsequently does not require segregated handling and distribution downstream of the refinery, as is the case with ethanol and biodiesel. In addition, leveraging existing refinery infrastructure leads to low general capital and working costs.

Honeywell UOP’s Role in Refinery Co-processing

Honeywell UOP is Ensyn’s technology companion within the commercialization of Refinery Co-processing. Honeywell UOP works instantly with refiners providing engineering companies and supply systems permitting the refiner to integrate Ensyn’s biocrude into their FCC operations.

Honeywell UOP is also Ensyn’s companion (through Envergent Technologies) in offering the RTP biomass conversion gear to biocrude manufacturing projects.

For more than100 years, Honeywell UOP has been a pacesetter in creating and commercializing expertise for the oil refining, petrochemical, gasoline processing and hydrogen industries. Honeywell UOP’s principal merchandise offered to those industries are licensed technologies and processes, catalysts, adsorbents, packaged plants and key mechanical equipment.

Refinery Co-processing of Ensyn’s biocrude has been demonstrated in a number of trials and demonstrations in Canada, the US, Europe and South America. These trials have taken place in a wide range of take a look at, pilot and demonstration tools, including in working industrial refineries.

A key Refinery Co-processing demonstration was carried out by Petrobras in its 200 kg/hr (~30 bbl/day) FCC facility in Sao Mateus do Sul, Brazil. This was accomplished underneath a 3 way collaborative research agreement between Ensyn, Petrobras and the U.S. Nationwide Renewable Vitality Laboratory (NREL). The outcomes of this trial had been presented to a peer evaluation panel on the U.S. Department of Energy In 2015 (click on for presentation).