The Indonesian company Pertamina has introduced six new refining services initiatives. It intends to build 2 new refineries, particularly the Refinery Unit 2 in Tuban (East Java) and in Bontang (East Kalimantan), and upgrade 4 current ones : the Refinery Unit 2 in Dumai (Riau) , the Unit 4 in Cilacap (Central Java), the Unit 5 in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) and the Unit 6 in Balongan (Sest Java).

Nexterra biomass gasification ready to displace up to 60% fossil fuels in lime kilns, 100% in ...At the end of 2016, Pertamina had a installed total refinery capability of 1.05 mb/d spread over 5 giant refineries (Balikpapan, Balongan, Cilacap, Dumai and Plaju) and 2 smaller refineries (Cepu and Kasim). petroleum refinery plant After the deliberate modernization and the implementation of the new tasks, the capacity is expected to reach between 1.85 mb/d and a couple of.2 mb/d.

The cost of the tasks is anticipated to quantity IRup500,000bn (US$37.5bn). Pertamina can be in control of the development however another worldwide O&G firms might take part in it.