Oval wheel meters are primarily designed for the direct measurement of volume respective of volumetric flowrate. It is also the quantification of bulk fluid movement.The OV and OI collection flowmeters are Positive Displacement kind meters with solely 2 shifting components (2 Precision Oval Gears). By means of magnetic coupling, the revolutions can both be sensed by magnetic-subject-controlled pulse generator with a digital display or through gear prepare with mechanical indicators.


The measuring aspect of an oval gear meter consists of two toothed precision oval wheels, which are driven by the liquid and roll around each revolution of the oval wheel pair. The number of revolutions is an actual measure of the quantity, which flows by means of.The supplies that can be measured by oval wheel meters are lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and diesels which are utilized in oil circulation methods, energy generators, burners and motors.

WORKING Precept:

For every revolution of the oval wheel displaces a recognized volume of liquid by way of the meter from the inlet to outlet. The number of revolutions is immediately proportional to the measured quantity. The pulses generated by a pulse transmitter with a high pulse decision are processed within the electronic converter or digital indicator.

It’s mainly designed for the measurement of liquids with excessive viscosity.

It’s supplied with 2 wire approach with 2 transferring oval elements.

It is designed such that it supplies very excessive accuracy.
Applications AND Equipment:

For the protection of oval wheel meters and turbine meter in opposition to foreign agents and particles to keep away from contamination, solids contained in the liquids are measured with these meters. These strainers may also be used for the safety of piping techniques for contamination.

Measuring the volume circulation rate of liquids and liquefied gases

Loading methods in the chemical and petrochemical industry, within the mineral oil industry, food and beverage business.

Dosing oval wheel meter.

Universal oval wheel meter.

Basic line oval wheel meter.

Heavy responsibility oval wheel meters.

Particular oval wheel meters.

safe investment by excessive longevity

high accuracy over many years (more than 50 years in the field)

Giant measuring range.

Used to measure liquids with excessive viscosity.

A broad vary of materials for a lot of fluids.

Low planning effort, because no inlet or outlet section is required.

Flexible purposes, as a result of the operation is feasible without auxiliary energy.

Minimal working and maintenance costs.

Approvals for many applications.

All of us wish to personal a brilliant machine which does wonders at affordable prices and these oval wheel meters are wonder machines made specially to make your life easier. It has excellent accuracy and rangeability for liquids with petroleum equipment suppliers greater viscosity. It also has applications with wide selection thus making issues easier in each method potential!