The emergence of chemical manufacturing and social development, scientific and technological progress of human civilization up to the mark to some extent, is a vital space of trendy production, is also an important manifestation of at this time’s industrial improvement. With China’s rapid financial development, the chemical industry can be growing quickly followed by a chemical Accident The frequency growing, inflicting a large number of casualties and severe financial losses, or even an adverse political affect. Chemical industry on the one hand to our socio-economic and residing requirements played a significant role in bettering and selling, then again to the individuals’s lives and property posed a grave threat. Incomplete statistics show that the national production of chlorine chemical industry more than 60 years, the dimensions of the accident occurred the benefits, there’s an accident in manufacturing, storage, spill, transport accident; as a fire crew, not only to enhance the chemical accident prevention, the but also to deal with chemical companies with flammable, explosive, high temperature, excessive stress, highly toxic, and corrosion traits and potential incidents to make an accurate forecast of incident dealing with plan, inviting corporate projects Know-how Employees arrange professional teams, and conducting tactical workout routines mentioned, the success of chemical disasters and lay a strong basis for dealing with, disposal strategies and measures to regularly improve. Creator to supply chlorine primarily based chemical unit, the chemical items of the accident (liquid chlorine leakage) of the dangers and treatment measures, as mentioned below.

1, liquid chlorine characteristics and accident causes and hazards

Vacuum/Atmospheric Distillation Unit

(A) of the chlorine leak causes

Chemical enterprises in production, significantly from leaking or Hearth Earlier than and after the accident, the general toxic and dangerous fuel (or liquid) of the nice loss, as a result of most have toxic, easy to spread and simple to burn and explode and so on, which can simply cause an accident and numerous native massive-scale pollution casualties, in the dense medium and large employees city is particularly critical. The rationale, chemical leak or hearth accidents occurred primarily in the next three circumstances:

(1) operators of unlawful operation. Chemical production, storage and transportation have strict operating procedures, if unlawful, it is feasible incidents.

(2) Tools failure itself. Chemical manufacturing process, its manufacturing requires electrolysis or excessive temperature and strain, low stress, with many raw supplies and merchandise are extremely corrosive, easily result in quite a lot of tubes, Valve , Tower, tank corrosion damage which produce toxic run, run, drip, leak and other safety hazards.

(3) is the unpredictable unexpected elements. Such incidents are a result of chemical production process of a sudden energy failure, water supply and Er Shi chemical reaction caused by out of control, and toxic substances occurring during transport knocked, explosion and leakage. Accident-induced chemical accidents occur, severe harm.

(B) the characteristics and properties of liquid chlorine production course of

Manufacturing of chlorine by electrolysis of salt is mainly from the electrolyzer electrolysis to produce chlorine, hydrogen, respectively, by gas pipeline, transported to the hydraulic store, hydraulic loading into after. However the production course of, high content of hydrogen chlorine explosion-prone.

Chlorine system cl, atomic weight 35.5. Chlorine is a yellowish green gasoline with sturdy pungent odor, is about 2.5 occasions heavier than air, the liquid phase volume to expand into its approximately 400-fold, soluble in water and alkaline solution, soluble in carbon disulfide and four carbon and other chlorinated organic solvents. Hypochlorite chlorine and hydrochloric acid upon contact with water, then broken down into a brand Petroleum Machinery new eco-oxygen. Liquefied chlorine fuel at high stress into the liquid chlorine. Chlorine has a powerful corrosive, gear and containers can simply be corrosion leak, chlorine is a poisonous fuel of combustion can occur with most intense reaction of natural compounds, equivalent to loading containers of liquid chlorine combined with natural compounds could cause violent response resulting in explosion .

Business, because of chlorine in the manufacture or use of the process if the machine or restore when the pipeline may be confined strictly to the chlorine publicity. Chlorine perfusion, transport and storage, if the cylinder seal failure or poor, may place a large number of chlorine dispersion.

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