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The Performance Of The Pipeline Within the Corrosive Atmosphere Modifications

Petroleum chemical trade, shipbuilding, coating steel pipe media corresponding to offshore oil platforms, there are various corrosive, in actual fact, the dangers of steel corrosion is very common, but also is very s…

Petroleum chemical business, shipbuilding, coating steel pipe media such as offshore oil platforms, there are various corrosive, in reality, the dangers of metallic corrosion is very common, but in addition may be very critical, the corrosion trigger direct or indirect losses. For instance, between the steel corrosion and stress corrosion and fatigue corrosion are inclined to major catastrophic accident, and the steel corrosion may cause a whole lot of metallic consumption, waste numerous assets. Mainly has the next cause corrosion medium.

1. Chloride and chloride corrosion of carbon steel is mainly uniform corrosion, and accompanied by hydrogen embrittlement, corrosion is pitting corrosion of stainless steel intergranular corrosion or. Prevention measures can choose applicable supplies, similar to the use of carbon steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe.

2. As many as 250 sulfide sulfur in crude oil, on the metallic corrosion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptan (R – SH), sulfide (R – S – R), and many others. The high H2S content material within the liquefied petroleum gas in our nation, causing cracks in container, some production of the 87 days that happen by way of cracks and later by the magnetic particle inspection, internal floor circumferential weld crack, 417 ball in vitro floor crack, so the high content material of H2S stress corrosion brought on by deserve Lindsey consideration. oil refinery plant maintenance manual Japan welding society and excessive stress gasoline safety affiliation oil refinery plant maintenance manual rules: H2S content in the liquefied oil should be managed underneath a hundred x 10-6, but our nation liquefied petroleum gasoline H2S content in a median of 2392 x 10-6, Japan greater than 20 instances greater.

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