Benefuel’s proprietary catalytic technology uses no water, by eliminating the need for washing biodiesel in the refining process, and expands the vary of viable feedstock choices to incorporate excessive FFA animal fats, crude vegetable oils and waste oils, thus reducing the environmental footprint of biodiesel production and ensuring constant access to feedstock throughout creating markets.

The catalyst, developed in collaboration with leading chemical engineers from India’s prestigious Nationwide Chemical Laboratory, can flip virtually any vegetable oil or high free fatty acid (FFA) animal fat straight into biodiesel with out the necessity for expensive pre-processing. The catalyst, allows the operators of the new Seymour plant will realize significant manufacturing financial savings by way of the acquisition of the bottom-cost feedstock and the glycerin by-product can have an initial purity of greater than 98%, making it market-prepared to be used in different application.

“This is a superb leap forward for the complete biodiesel industry, and an thrilling development for Indiana’s farmers and transportation companies,” said Rob Tripp, CEO of Benefuel, Inc. “Biodiesel refiners have been searching for a breakthrough that reduces feedstock prices, addresses waste glycerin disposal, eliminates caustics in the processing stream and reduces the environmental influence sometimes related to producing biodiesel. The financial benefits of a strong catalyst refinery far exceed those of conventional refineries, dramatically growing operating margins to create a serious shift in how the world produces biodiesel.”

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“The flexibleness and simplicity of the Benefuel refinery will allow us to process a a lot broader range of feedstock in a much more profitable and environmentally pleasant means. The precious glycerin commodity and use of local feedstock will make this plant a mannequin for distributed gas production. This brings our energy supply again dwelling,” stated James Galyen, a associate in Seymour Biofuels LLC.

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