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So Why Are They So “clueless”

Dynamic Mediocrities
Up to date on August eleven, 2016 De Greek moreContact Author … or the “ Fred the Shred ” Syndrome

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I have just come across an article I had written a while ago and which somebody posted on-line with quite complimentary feedback. It’s more of a rant than an article and it’s somewhat lengthy, so I do probably not anticipate anyone to learn it, however this is an efficient place to park it for posterity.

I say to the various candy, kind and generous mates I’ve made right here that they don’t should feel obliged to read it. 😉

And i also say to them that as quickly as I full the ebook I am at the moment writing, I shall return to hound them as earlier than. 😉


A few years in the past I was on the Board of Administrators of a small oil refinery, whose administration brought a proposal to the Board for a brand new investment of thirty million pounds for the purpose of upgrading the plant to supply unleaded gas. Unfortunately for the administration, I had by accident discovered that one of many refinery’s chemists had developed a way of producing unleaded fuel with out the use of new equipment, in portions ample for our market-share at the time. Naturally I also thought that such an innovation may additionally prove to be quite beneficial for the refinery in other methods, if patented.

The overall Manager and the Chief Chemist have been current at the Board assembly and that i requested them to elucidate why they wanted the £30.000.000 when that they had what appeared to be a genius on the refinery’s payroll, who may produce unleaded fuel for no additional investment. Their reaction was a joy to behold. They both fidgeted and looked in all places however at me and eventually the Chief Chemist stated that this specific methodology was not new, was well-known to everybody in the industry and that our chemist was not a genius.

So, I asked, if the tactic is so well known, why had been they asking us for an additional investment of £30.000.000 instead of utilizing this methodology which, in line with themselves, was so well known to them It was not very environment friendly, I used to be told. coal Yes, however was it able to producing sufficient unleaded gas for our wants over the subsequent 5 years And if that’s the case, do they realise that the value of the curiosity of the required funding alone would greater than make up for any inconvenience they may face in producing unleaded gas without such a big funding “Yes, but…. “

Both the overall Manager and the Chief Chemist spend the remainder of the meeting trying to destroy the popularity of the chemist who had proposed the modern method of saving natural gas futures backwardation us thirty million pounds….

For your own sanity’s sake, in your dignity and to your financial profit, remember this piece of wisdom from an unknown philosopher: “An ignorant fool could be a useful fool. He can wash floors. However a fool with a PhD will be lethal”. Think, for instance, who may be the world’s worst banker and you will get my drift.

There is a breed of men and women who handle to hide their mediocrity by means of energetic exercise and in depth thievery of different peoples’ ideas and efforts. I name such people Dynamic Mediocrities…

They normally handle to parrot their way by way of exams and end up with college degrees, which at instances might be fairly spectacular, giving them the opportunity to apply for positions of authority. When they apply for a position, they normally be sure that a well related pal makes a couple of vital telephone calls prior to the interview and they in some way manage to slither their approach into essential organisations.

It’s properly documented that when a well-known UK politician went for a job interview after university (let’s name him David Cameron, at random), someone telephoned from the palace, no less, to suggest to the interviewers that it would be a good suggestion to make use of this specific applicant. Not that I am suggesting that the particular individual is a member of the Dynamic Mediocrities membership, however I’m anxiously awaiting the results of the next basic election. In fact, he might hardly be worse than the current lot.

You’ll always discover Dynamic Mediocrities on the forefront of any exercise initiated by others who even have the innovative ideas, all the time ready to lay paternity claims to these concepts if they’re profitable, however all the time ready to distance themselves from them ought to they not reach expectations. If the concepts do not become a hit, then they will be the ones pretending to have been wanting elsewhere, whistling indifferently and able to attack the innovator with accusations of irresponsibility. Since they are themselves such mediocrities, everybody else is naturally higher than they in capability and innovation, and so so as to outlive, they develop an uncanny capability to backstab everybody else around them, since everybody else is a risk.

Consider Prime Minister Brown and how he all the time infers that any successes are his own and how his relationship with Blair developed.

It is, unfortunately, a sad truth of life that massive organisations are often run by small individuals, with even smaller underlings whose primary aim in life is to reveal to their bosses how deserving of a promotion they are, by way of the shameless manipulation of the organisation’s clientele, associates and companions. This naturally additionally, nay, Especially so, applies to governments, the opposition and their associated organisations.

The extent to which such Dynamic Mediocrities have infiltrated the very best echelons of business and authorities is likely to be illustrated by current statements from the US army command. America’s deputy chief of military intelligence in Afghanistan Main Common Michael Flynn described US spies as “clueless”. That is the CIA the man is talking about. The heavily financed, first shield of innocent American civilians, a company manned by way of recruitment from the top universities of the land! So why are they so “clueless” The likelihood is that the highest echelons are actually manned by the Dynamic Mediocrities faction.

Although it is feasible that within the UK army an analogous state of affairs may exist in the highest echelons, thankfully there is a distinct distinction and that is that the UK has the very best army on this planet, bar none. The US military could significantly profit by taking its correspondence course. Nonetheless, the rationale for the high quality lies exclusively with its enlisted males. Britannia as soon as ruled the waves and a large chunk of world real property as a result of its working class enlisted men were keen to bravely die for the curiosity of a ruling class which despised them. In other phrases, the British working man always manages to avoid wasting the day for the Dynamic Mediocrities which rules the military and the security companies, by sacrificing his life for them, without ever receiving recognition or anticipating to be thanked. God bless the British blue collar worker. If there was any justice, the British tomb of the Unknown Soldier would show a man in blue working overalls or in soiled miner’s clothes.

For centuries the British soldier has been asked to die for supposedly patriotic causes when the truth is it was all simply for the monetary acquire of the few well linked. Far fetched you suppose Then I refer you to the Chilcot inquiry of January 5th 2010, where Gordon Brown’s chief overseas policy adviser Simon McDonald said that British companies had “done fairly well” in a latest auction of oil rights and that Britain had “privileged access” to the government of Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister. He additionally informed those present that “British companies have benefited from the award of oil contracts in Iraq because of the choice to assist to overthrow Saddam Hussein.”

And the poor brain washed plenty nonetheless consider that their kids are dying to protect the homeland.

Within the non-public sector the situation is completely out of control. Large conglomerates deliberately and systematically overcharge their clients, in the hope that their purchasers will probably be unable to decipher their invoices. “Which” magazine has found that sure utility firms systematically use the winter season meter readings, when consumption is highest, to find out the month-to-month funds of clients over a twelve month interval, as a way to end up with a surplus to be refunded again to the clients at a future date, by which time the conglomerate would have made use of its client’s collective overcharge as an curiosity free loan. How is this potential Is there no honour, no shame no sense of truthful play The answer is a simple no.

We now have been mind washed into believing that our phrase must be our bond and that it’s dishonourable to not play pretty. And so it is. However these ideas had been created and enforced by rulers reminiscent of William the Conqueror, who had no intention of conserving to such rules themselves. For instance, England was divided amongst William’s barons, however how does the king be certain that he has control of these barons He creates the ideas of honour and fair play to such a sophisticated extent that they turn out to be a religion, with horrible and shameful repercussions in case of default. This way, the baron chargeable for York, for example, could also be removed from London, however ought to he fail to pay his taxes to the King, or fail to offer males in case of war, this religiously empowers the king to move in opposition to him with an military which believes that it is acting in a just trigger, supplied by different barons who will share within the spoils from the York campaign.

In the identical method we’ve been skilled to believe that the large conglomerates that rule our lives are honourable and that they play fairly. But by and huge they are run by the Dynamic Mediocrities who cannot presumably survive pretty in a aggressive world however as a substitute can only survive and progress by dishonest and backstabbing. So they infuse their mentality into the business of their employer and their employer becomes ensnared in their dishonourable ways.

Shame on them and disgrace on us for permitting this to proceed.
Dimitris Mita

– De Greek
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sendingAuthorDe Greek 6 years ago from UK

cameciob, good natural gas futures backwardation to see you once more. And I’m glad you agree with me 🙂
d.william, thank you in your form phrases. Regrettably, the issue will turn into loads worss…

cameciob 6 years in the past
I like your concept of “Dynamic Mediocrity”; is so true and so briliant and described so acurate. It’s the right term to describe such folks.

d.william 6 years in the past from Someplace in the south
What a wonderful article. I wish everyone would learn this enlightening account of the reality of how/why huge conglomerates rule every part for their very own personal agendas and By no means for the common good.

I ponder if people will EVER wake up to this actuality The apathy, or the indifference, of the vast majority of people are the very reason why these people take advantages as they do. Why do they do it Just because they’ll – with none opposition.

Thank you for sharing this on hub pages.
Christopher, I am really very glad that we see eye to eye on this. 😉

Thank you for passing by and in your good needs.
FP, you did not! Did you I believed you had more sense than that! ;-)))

Christopher Antony Meade 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom
Very nicely mentioned. I can see that it dates from a few years in the past, however not very a lot modifications.

Good to see you back in print on HubPages.
Greatest needs for the progress of your book.

Feline Prophet 6 years in the past
I’m so glad I persevered until the end of this long however very nicely written hub! 🙂

Now we have our share of Dynamic Mediocrities in India too, DG…and they’re taking over in every area.

Hillary, I’m surprised that you just took the trouble to read this and that i thanks for doing so and to your remark 🙂

Hi there Bryan, glad you agree 🙂
AuthorDe Greek 6 years ago from UK

Shalini, thank you for passing by and for taking the difficulty to read my nonsense 🙂
Hillary 6 years in the past from Atlanta, GA

Very well put and so true. Right this moment every thing seems to be fueled by the ulterior motive of self-curiosity. It’s also sad that the modicum intelligence found in enterprise and in politics is now viewed as being a menace to the Mediocrity in charge.

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!
When one figures it’s easier to copy and observe relatively than imagine and lead,

Comes Mediocrity certainly.;))
Shalini Kagal 6 years ago from India

‘Dynamic mediocrities’ – how apt! Nice article, De Greek – and i agree – shame on us for our apathy in allowing them to develop and flourish!

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