Finally, the monetary markets have caught on as to how hot molybdenum stocks might get. While we started researching molybdenum about a yr in the past, and solely first publishing in July 2006, molybdenum commentator Ken Reser has practically been the lone voice within the moly wilderness for investors. (We perceive there have been several tout sheets hyping molybdenum stocks for almost as lengthy, but we cant embody these in serious discussions about this steel.)

Now that molybdenum traders have grown extra bullish concerning the metal, we expect molybdenum pricing to continue higher. Ferro moly costs have continued firming up. Some amount is now promoting at US$76 per kg in Europe. One report signifies a recent moly oxide sale at $31/pound.

The emergence of the Sprott Molybdenum Participation Fund (TSX: MLY; OTC Pinks: SMPCF) would possibly only suggest the beginning of stronger institutional interest in major molybdenum producers and on-the-horizon molybdenum producers those whose tasks could possibly be online by 2010 or sooner.

In March 2005, Ken Reser penned a short editorial entitled, “Molybdenum: The 21st Century & Past Metal.”

Mainstream analysts had probably not bothered to investigate the quite a few makes use of for molybdenum prior to Ken Resers dialogue. Since then, molybdenum stocks have had an unbelievable run. Mainstream media, equivalent to Canadas Globe & Mail, Dow Jones MarketWatch, The Australian and Londons Each day Telegraph have featured molybdenum in their articles and named among the favored companies.

Now that molys time has come, many have handed Ken Reser by, aside from our Australian colleagues, This is usually the destiny of pioneers who pave the road and point the course where buyers should head. Pioneers are oft forgotten, although streets are later named after them.

Thats not going to be the case if we have any say in this. Ken Resers moly repertoire has been extensive. Editorials since his seminal article have mentioned moly makes use of in oil and gas de-sulphurization, catalysts, coal liquefaction, energy pipelines, oil tremendous tankers, drill stem tubing, tremendous alloys, nuclear reactors and turbines amongst others.

What many thought was fiction Reser preached, more than two years ago, are concepts now on the forefront of mainstream discussions among highly revered analysts. The International Molybdenum Affiliation (IMOA) needs to be thankful Ken Reser attracted such a high degree of investor interest to the moly mining sector over the previous two years.

Well, the pioneer is alive and properly. Ken Reser has more insights into molybdenums future. And we invited Ken to publish them in his commentary under.

Ken Resers Commentary

Little consideration has been given to a couple different aspects of this steel of thriller, in a world rising and altering so quickly. I’ve little doubt there are greater than a number of uses of moly. New discoveries are ready within the wings.

One living proof is Nano-Particle know-how involving molybdenum.

American Parts Corp; The US main manufacturer of Uncommon Earth & Advanced Material products had this to say about Nano-Particle Molybdenum:

“Molybdenum Oxide (MoO) Nano-powder or Nano-particles, nano-dots or nano-crystals are ferric and ferrous spherical or faceted high surface area oxide magnetic nanostructure particles. Nano-scale Molybdenum Oxide Particles are usually 20-80 nanometers (nm) with particular floor area (SSA) in the ten – 50 m 2 /g vary and in addition out there in with an average particle dimension of 100 nm range with a selected surface area of roughly 7- 10 m 2 /g.

“Nano Molybdenum Oxide Particles are additionally out there in extremely excessive purity, and high purity, clear, and coated and dispersed kinds. Applications for Molybdenum Oxide Nano-crystals embody in electrochemical capacitors, and in coatings, plastics, nano-wire, nano-fiber and textiles and in certain alloy and catalyst applications. Additional analysis is being completed for their potential electrical, dielectric, magnetic, optical, imaging, bio-medical and bioscience properties.”

Functions for molybdenum nano-crystals embody as a high floor space catalyst and catalyst help and because the catalysts within the synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nano-tubes and in coatings, plastics, nano-wire, nano-fiber and textiles and in certain alloy and catalyst applications.

Tremendous Alloys Created by use of Nano-Particle Reactants

(Courtesy of Materials Analysis Society: Lab Information)

“Advancements in nano-know-how for materials processing have spurred the development of tremendous alloys that provide improved safety in opposition to corrosion and put on. Nano-scale reactant particles supply distinctive thermal properties and increased homogeneity which will improve the micro-structural options and macroscopic properties of the ultimate product.

“In this research as much as 10-wt % nano-scale molybdenum tri-oxide (MoO3) particles were added to micron scale nickel (Ni) and aluminum (Al). Outcomes present that adding MoO3 will increase the flame temperature and produces higher ignition sensitivity produces a extra homogeneous microstructure and increases the general put on resistance of the product.”

Some other uses of nano-particle molybdenum embody built-in in paraffin, lubricants, ceramics, nuclear reactor fuel (low enriched uranium), propylene manufacturing, excessive temperature grease, optical fibers, plasma televisions, gas cells, and way more.

Hollow sphere nano-moly particles now developed show drastically elevated effectiveness within the bonding skill of de-sulphurization catalysts. Solar cells at the moment are built on a backing of molybdenum foil. Nano-particle pigment coatings, glass works, dietary and medical products, including synthetic limbs.

Weldability of nickel-based mostly superalloys may be authorized with ‘weld filler. The invention pertains to weld filler which incorporates these constituents (in wt %): 17.5%-20.0% chromium (Cr), 10.0%-12.0% cobalt (Co), 9.0%-10.5% Molybdenum (Mo) and zero.1%-3.Three% titanium.

Hydro De-Sulphurization Catalysts

The unique HDS (Hydro De-Sulphurization) Catalyst aspect of this approach is to use nano-sized MoS2 particles for 2 causes:

1. Nano-sizing will increase surface area and due to this fact the variety of “energetic-edge websites” per unit catalyst volume

2. Amorphous nano-particles may overcome steric resistance in sulfur-containing giant aromatic molecules making the sulfur prone to catalytic attack during HDS.

This method has three facets:

• Characterization of sterically hindered natural sulfur compounds which can be sometimes current in crudes but resistant to standard HDS catalysts,

• Reaction conduct of those sterically hindered sulfur compounds with nano-sized MoS

• Formulation and evaluation of supported nano MoS2-based mostly system for ultra deep catalytic HDS of heavy oils and distillates.

Worldwide, many hundreds of thousands of pounds of molybdenum are annually utilized in refineries. New refineries at the moment are underneath development in Asia, and on the drawing board in numerous different components of the world.

Gasoline Cells and Batteries

By alloying molybdenum with platinum, and punctiliously controlling the particle size and loading stage of the alloy particles, engineers from the E-Tek Division of De Nora, N.A. have developed Pt-primarily based anode catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells that show wonderful resistance to carbon monoxide poisoning.

APS Physics (March 2007) comments on Nano-Structured Molybdenum Oxides for Lithium-Ion Batteries:

“Lithium-ion batteries are the current energy sources of alternative for portable electronics. Although such batteries are commercially successful, they are not retaining tempo with the fast advances in computing applied sciences. Additionally, additional enchancment of efficiency and simultaneous discount in value as well as materials toxicity stay the topic of intensive analysis.

“Here we report the synthesis and electrochemical performance of a novel molybdenum oxide nano-particle anode that dramatically improves current Li-ion battery technologies. Crystalline MoO nano-particles have been grown by an economical hot-wire chemical-vapor-deposition (HWCVD) method and a lately developed electrophoresis method is employed for the fabrication of porous nano-particle anodes. Both cycling stability and charge capability issues are addressed by employing these porous molybdenum oxide films that include nano-scale lively particles.

“These materials will impression the following generations of rechargeable lithium batteries, not just for purposes in client electronics, but also for clear vitality storage and use in hybrid electric autos.”

To assessment this summary:

Extra Nano-Particle Makes use of

Other new uses embrace development of recent molybdenum- (Nano-Particle) strengthened martensitic steels and different Super Alloys. It’s also possible to fabricate large-area porous movies of molybdenum oxide nano-particles utilizing a novel electrophoresis deposition method.

Nano-particle films have led to profound development in state-of-the-art electrochromic technologies. MoO movies are promising for brand spanking new lithium ion batteries. There are many newly discovered makes use of as well for nano particle molybdenum in ION space thrusters, area lubricants, space craft metals and even in house telescopes looking out the heavens.

Although molybdenum-primarily based catalysts have already been developed to be used within the crude oil refinery process and coal liquefaction, the best leaps ahead may come from the event of nano particle moly-based mostly Catalysts.

Drilling every deep-depth oil properly makes use of as a lot as 15% Molybdenum for each pound of drill stem steel. Contemplating the massive number of pounds (tons truly) of drill stem tubing annually used around the globe, Im positive we could be amazed when extrapolating the precise quantity of molybdenum used in just that one sector.

If you additionally consider that only one kilometer of typical crude oil pipeline makes use of roughly 2000 pounds of molybdenum within the steel, and there are globally between eighty,000 and a hundred,000 miles of proposed pipeline initiatives, one can simply visualize the exponential development sample of moly demand in years ahead.

As I’ve said in previous, now you may see why the world is viewing molybdenum in a distinct gentle. It isnt simply the demand from China, India or other quickly creating nations driving the demand, the price and the different uses.

latex liquid pressure tankMolybdenum is actually a metallic for and of the twenty-first century. It’ll play an ever increasingly important a part of future base metals demand. And this could very well show a boon to primary molybdenum mining stocks. Many have strongly rallied prior to now year as molybdenum costs went north, as a substitute of south as many ‘specialists’ forecast.

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