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A petroleum refinery model, Petroleum Refinery Life-cycle Inventory Model (PRELIM), which quantifies power use and greenhouse gasoline (GHG) emissions with the detail and transparency sufficient to tell coverage analysis is developed. PRELIM improves on prior models by representing a more complete range of kerui petroleum equipment qualification crude oil quality and refinery configuration, using publicly accessible information, and supported by refinery working data and experts’ enter. The potential use of PRELIM is demonstrated by way of a situation analysis to discover the implications of processing crudes of various qualities, with a give attention to oil sands products, in several refinery configurations. The variability in GHG emissions estimates resulting from all cases considered in the mannequin software shows variations of as much as 14 g CO2eq/MJ of crude, or up to eleven g CO2eq/MJ of gasoline and 19 g CO2eq/MJ of diesel (the margin of deviation in the emissions estimates kerui petroleum equipment qualification is roughly 10%). This variability is comparable to the magnitude of upstream emissions and therefore has implications for each policy and mitigation of GHG emissions.