Here is THE Dangerous News.

Engines waste gasoline! Up to eighty% of the excessive-priced gas that you just pump would not get you wherever as a result of it goes UNBURNED to the catalytic converter. Which means you’re getting zero MPG (zero, zilch, nada) from most of the over-priced gasoline you pump into your tank.


That is what they are designed to do–WASTE Fuel–as a result of each second of day by day, all over the place on the planet, each single gasoline and diesel engine on the planet puts cash into the deep, deep, DEEP pockets of Huge Oil.

Automotive and gas expertise has been deliberately held back, and people have been saved in the dark about Wonderful inventions and discoveries, as a way to promote us a number of gasoline. Sorry, but that is how it’s.

For example, the gasoline might be preheated and better formulated for better combustion–however it’s not. The gasoline vapor droplets may very well be smaller for environment friendly combustion–however they are not. The pre-set computer-controlled air-to-gasoline ratio might be extra economical–but it is not. The exhaust could possibly be reprocessed to contribute to mileage (there are patents on that)–but it is not. Cars could be using a better carburetor design–however they are not because the patent for a a hundred MPG carburetor was bought and buried years in the past. Cars could be operating utterly on water fuel–however they are not as a result of these patents were additionally purchased and then buried along with the inventor (nevertheless, the patents ran out just lately!). Even the hybrids that Big Auto is promoting at luxury automotive costs don’t optimize gasoline combustion and consumption.

This is The excellent news.

You can do one thing about it, ONE Automobile AT A TIME, beginning along with your automobile.

How? By utilizing Vitality from WATER.

If that sounds not possible, or loopy, or delusional, I perceive. That is something that none of our trusted sources of information–Television, radio, teachers, movies, professors, magazines, dad, scientists, books, Sesame Street–have advised us about. Why? See the dangerous news, above.

I mentioned wonderful inventions and discoveries. Many of them have very subtle technical patents on them. But the form of water energy system I’m speaking about, the one that’s affordable and do-ready by ME and also you in OUR cars (not by shopping for a giant Auto hybrid with a luxury car pricetag), is a do-it-yourself expertise, specifically designed for newbies with fundamental tools and really restricted budgets. A working system may be constructed at dwelling for $20 to $200 worth of elements and put in in your automobile, truck, or SUV on a weekend. It is a 90-yr-old expertise that has been revived and developed right into a simple, affordable, Protected system based on low-price hardware.

It really works like this: The principle element of the low-value water energy system is an electrolyzer-a container of water with electrodes in it. The electrolyzer takes a tiny bit of electricity from your automobile. The electricity “splits” water into hydroxyl gasoline and feeds it immediately to the engine cylinders. The improved air/gas combine gets very efficient combustion.


Remember the dangerous news at the top? Remember I mentioned that wasted gasoline could be as a lot as eighty%? In other words, though you could have paid $three.50 or more per gallon, you’re only getting performance from as little as 20%–two gallons out of every ten–of the gasoline you pay good money for! It places an entire new complexion on the phrase “freeway robbery.”

Our heads are spinning from rising gas prices. Now think about as a substitute that All of your gasoline is working for you–it is actually turning your wheels and not just being changed into carbon deposits in your engine or exhaust from the catalytic converter. What would it’s like for ALL that gasoline to be providing you with mileage? It would be an entire LOT More ECONOMICAL, that is what! That is what occurs once you add the energy from water.


Questioning how a lot power is in water?

One gallon of water converts to approximately 1,833 gallons of combustible gas. One observer noted that a gallon of water in his water power system lasted for about 2,700 miles.

“Energy from water” is hard to imagine as a result of we are misled by the appearance of water when it is liquied. It appears to be like so, properly, WET and noncombustible. But when we might SEE the sea of energy in the water–zillions of hydrogen and oxygen atoms prepared to interrupt out and be combustible gasoline under the best conditions–it would be simple to conceive that, certainly, water can be “burned” in an engine, thus taking advantage of a new “crude”–plain water.

Why aren’t scientists telling us about this? Why does not it make large headlines? More unhealthy information. A few of them just do not learn about it, and some are paid to inform us about something But this. Also, scientists are sometimes far behind empirical proof from experimenters and inventors. Generally a true scientist makes a tremendous discovery and is all of the sudden manner ahead of everybody. What occurs then? He or she has to fight all the opposite scientists which are method behind or too vested in the outdated paradigm. So who’re the true scientists around here? A true scientist could possibly be anybody, together with a scientist.


Here is one thing to ponder from Patrick J. Kelly of He has a delightful method of tilting one’s mind out of its field:

“The Regulation of Conservation of Energy is undoubtedly right when it shows that more power can’t be taken out of any system than is put into that system. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply that WE can’t get more vitality out of a system than WE put into it. A crude instance is a photo voltaic panel in sunlight. We get electrical energy out of the panel but we do not put the sunlight into the panel-the sunlight arrives by itself. This example is simple as we will see the sunlight reaching the solar panel.

“If, as a substitute of the solar panel, we had a machine which absorbs among the vitality that Quantum Mechanics observes and then offers out, say, electrical energy, would that be so completely different? Most people say “yes!–it’s inconceivable!” however this reaction relies on the fact that we can not see this sea of vitality. Ought to we say that a Television set can’t possibly work because we cannot see a television transmission signal?”

However Isn’t IT Dangerous?

We have now been dwelling and driving with danger for decades–it is referred to as GASOLINE! Cars and trucks are planet-polluting bombs on wheels! But we’re accustomed to it, right? And for essentially the most half, we do not blow ourselves up.

However in the water vitality system, I do know, you suppose we’re speaking about tanks of compressed hydrogen within the automobile, but that’s not the way it is completed! Here’s the great thing about it:

Hydrogen is already compressed in plain water!

All we do in a water for gas system is UNCOMPRESS and USE it–instantly, on-demand, within the engine! No hydrogen bombs on board. Just a container of distilled water! And the exhaust is–WATER! You cut up water, you burn it, you get improbable mileage, you get a bit of water left over.

Green Expertise

You cannot get a lot greener than this until you go for an engine designed to run utterly on water, like the one which was designed and confirmed by Stanley Meyers when he drove across the United States on approximately 28 gallons of water. (You may see interviews with him on YouTube.) You can’t get rather more inexpensive, both. And because this is Inexperienced technology, and you won’t be inflicting any injury to the car or the engine (removed from it), your guarantee will almost certainly be intact AND the federal government will owe you money for going green!


You may pay someone to put in your water for fuel system. There are a whole bunch of people world wide who’re constructing and putting in water vitality systems, as well as driving “watercars” themselves. These individuals save gas, save money, get a lot better mileage, and get pleasure from smoother-running engines and vastly lowered emissions. And that’s why they are glad to do the same for you so you can save fuel, save money, get significantly better mileage, and get pleasure from a smoother-running engine and lowered emissions.

Or you might do it yourself, during which case you’d first get instructions, which can be found on line. Then you’d make a components listing and buy the parts from hardware and electronics shops. Third, you would construct the parts of the water power system, put all of them collectively, and install the system, making all the necessary changes to it. You’d now be the proud owner of a Water Hybrid Vehicle. And final, after picking up your jaw from the floor, where it has dropped in astonishment at your engine’s mileage and performance, you’d turn out to be an advocate of water power, as I have.


To really grasp the implications and possibilities right here, we must first clear the carbon deposits out of our minds. Utilizing waterfuel is an strategy to our cars and gasoline that requires extra participation from us. The entire water vitality system consists of bodily parts PLUS your mind and attitudes about gasoline consumption. To actually optimize your waterfuel system, you’ll even be using fuel warmer, some Kiker wires to enhance the spark, Xylene so as to add to your gasoline, a low-friction artificial motor oil, a pair bottles of gas therapy to wash carbon deposits from previous unburned fuel out of your engine, a MAP sensor enhancer to keep the automotive computer from over-correcting the gasoline mix back to over-rich, tires which might be all the time fully inflated, and a real-time mileage tracker in order that you will not have to make use of an entire tank of fuel to know what mileage you might be getting.

Perhaps crucial factor is that this:

Belief your self.

When you use an “alternative” fuel-effectivity system, you might be an experimenter who is going in opposition to the herd and likelihood is, you’ll get some flack. Don’t be fooled by self-appointed “experts” who haven’t got hands-on expertise and say it cannot be completed. Once they laugh or frown or condescend and say, “It’s scientifically unattainable,” nicely, first of all, you already know they are not “true scientists” (so why are they acting like they know what “scientifically” means?). Ask them if they have ever tried it themselves. You can see they have not. Further discussion is likely to be fruitless, but you’ll be able to try. Tell them to just wait and see. See for your self. Don’t wait ten years for huge business to do it because they do not want to Provide you with anything–they are solely enthusiastic about what they will GET from you whereas they proceed making empty promises.



How a lot will gas cost the following time you fill your tank?

A water vitality system won’t lower the value of ALL gasoline.

It will decrease the value of YOURS. However do not just take my word for it.

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