Hi to all…

Just figured that I’d send you al a bit discover on this one.

With one other a kind of meteoric rises to oil pricing underway, from the loks of it, the folks of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shall be taking the primary hit as early because the morning of the thirtieth.

If the pattern retains up for the following couple of days, Newfoundland and Labrador will likely be taking the following one…

In keeping with my numbers, there is a few slight upwards motion on stove oils and an nearly 2 cent a litre (plus taxes) movement on gasoline.

Meaning we’re certain to see another worth hike over the $1.00 a litre mark again.

Another draw on all of the necessary gas groups is telling me we just do not get that conservation message on the market and merely, WE’RE PIGS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

Here is what I have with heating/stove at 49.08/Litre as of the final adjustment and gasoline at 47.78/Litre…

November 22/06…Heating…Forty eight.Ninety seven…Gasoline…Forty eight.97

November 23/06…Heating…48.Ninety nine…Gasoline…49.00

November 24/06…Heating…Forty eight.Sixty eight…Gasoline…48.Sixty nine

November 25/06…Heating…48.68…Gasoline…48.69

November 26/06…Heating…48.68…Gasoline…Forty eight.69

November 27/06…Heating…50.14…Gasoline…Forty eight.Sixty eight

November 28/06…Heating…50.Eighty two…Gasoline…49.78

Whereas the heating quantity might have averaged decrease than my earlier repair the final couple of days, heating oil and crude traded larger the last two sessions and continues to commerce Department up. With cold weather forcast in the United States, the motivator of pricing is upwards, so be warned!


Thoughts you, with heating oil in big demand now, t’is not just the season for to be jolly, we’re also a bit more merry with turning up the thermostat when it will get a little bit chilly like this too. Cannot say I blame you myself for the rise in heating oils with the cold seeping in because it did but, gasoline?… C’mon people… we can do higher than what we’ve been doing cannot we?

All we want now could be to see OPEC flip back the spigots and we’re in massive bother!

Keep an eye out here for the latest launch that I’ll be posting someday next Tuesday or Wednesday. I am going to have a clearer picture then what’s going to occur however, I would be hitting the pumps Wednesday night coming.