This new kind fertilizer making machine is developed and designed by our firm engineer in two years. the fertilizer making machine can granulate all sorts of fermented natural materials like poultry livestock manure hen manure,cattle manure,straw meals,grass meals,bentonite,natural city waste and so forth .earlier than granulating, the raw supplies isn’t necessary to be dried as a result of the manure fertilizer pelletizer require supplies moisture content material is 20-fifty five%,and might granulate crushed raw supplies directly. The completed granules are round ball shape which may save loads of power.The completed granules are robust and the drying power consumption is saved so much. The uncooked materials moisture will be organized from 20-55%

Benefits of fertilizer making machine

  1. the fertilizer granule making machin eis new-developed and patent product
  2. Granulate for compost manure fertilizer,excessive moiture uncooked materials
  3. the fertilizer granules making machine does not need no-drying earlier than granulation
  4. energy-saved and low consumption of this fertilizer pellet mill
  5. Natural a hundred% organism after processing
  6. Production particles are spherical,granules measurement may be 3-10mm
  7. Natural content could be as excessive as one hundred%, reaching pure organics granulation.
  8. Under a sure pressure, organic particles can mutually mosaic and oil Refinery Process grow up. Make the most of this characteristic, don’t need to add binder throughout granulation.
  9. Stable particles, after granulation, they will screening, cut back drying energy consumption.

10. Fermented organics don’t have to be dried, the raw supplies containing water may be 20-55%.

the fertilizer making machine is your finest choice for making bio organic fertilizer granules with raw materials moisture above 20%,in fact you too can choose pan granulator.

new design fertilizer granule making machine

new design fertilizer granlue making machine is utilized to granulate all sorts of organic uncooked materials, which turns the waste into treasures and follows the developments of the organic fertilizer development. The standard of the fertilizer granules could be ensured at the same time, so this fertilizer machine is featured with low energy consumption, low production bills and excessive manufacturing amount, considered as finest organic fertilizer granulator machine. It’s the most generally used equipment in small scale organic fertilizer plant, and 50,000t/y manufacturing line!

Raw Materials for new design fertilizer making machine

The uncooked materials of organic fertilizer production are assorted.
1. Agricultural Waste:
straws, cottonseed meals, mushroom residues, bio-gas residues and so on.
2. Industrial Waste:
vinegar residues, sugar residues, lees and so on.
Three. Animal Manure or Sludge:
chicken manure, cow manure, horse manure, drainage sludge, river sludge and so on.
Four. Household Garbage: kitchen waste, food waste, restaurant garbage and many others.