Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Crude Oil All Oils (Excluding Crude Oil) Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids Pure Gasoline Liquids Ethane Propane Regular Butane Isobutane Pure Gasoline Refinery Olefins Ethylene Propylene Butylene Isobutylene Pentanes Plus Liquefied Petroleum Gases Ethane/Ethylene Ethylene Propane/Propylene Regular Butane/Butylene Isobutane/Butylene Different Hydrocarbons Oxygenates (excluding Gas Ethanol) MTBE Different Oxygenates Renewables (including Gas Ethanol) Fuel Ethanol Renewable Diesel Gas Other Renewable Fuels Unfinished Oils Unfinished Oils, Naphthas & Lighter Unfinished Oils, Kerosene & Gentle Gasoline Unfinished Oils, Heavy Gasoline Oils Residuum Motor Gasoline Brief Mixing Comp. (MGBC) MGBC – Reformulated MGBC – Reformulated, RBOB MGBC – Reformulated, RBOB w/ Alcohol MGBC – Reformulated, RBOB w/ Ether MGBC – Standard MGBC – Typical, CBOB MGBC – Conventional, GTAB MGBC – Typical Other Aviation Gasoline Mixing Comp. Completed Motor Gasoline Reformulated Gasoline Reformulated Gasoline Blended w/ Gasoline Ethanol Reformulated Gasoline, Other Typical Gasoline Standard Gasoline Blended Gasoline Ethanol Typical Gasoline Blended Gas Ethanol, Ed55 and Decrease Typical Different Gasoline Finished Aviation Gasoline Kerosene-Sort Jet Gas Kerosene Distillate Gasoline Oil Distillate F.O., 15 ppm Sulfur and below Distillate F.O., Better than 15 to 500 ppm Sulfur Distillate F.O., Better 500 ppm Sulfur Residual Gasoline Oil Residual F.O., than 1.00% Sulfur Petrochemical Feedstocks Naphtha for Petro. Feedstock Use Different Oils for Petro. Feedstock Use Special Naphthas Lubricants Waxes Petroleum Coke Asphalt and Road Oil Miscellaneous Merchandise Interval-Unit: Month-to-month-Thousand Barrels Annual-Thousand Barrels

Inventory Type: Complete Stocks Strategic Petroleum Reserve Non-SPR Refinery Tank Farms and Pipelines Alaskan in Transit Total Stocks (Incl. Lease Inventory) Non-SPR (Incl. Lease Stock) Leases

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Product Inventory Type Area

Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 View

Ninety nine,010 99,991 95,670 96,811 97,416 ninety nine,091 1981-2017
East Coast (PADD 1)

10,664 12,263 thirteen,376 10,062 eleven,119 eleven,060 1981-2017
Midwest (PADD 2)

14,263 14,146 13,197 13,457 14,071 thirteen,007 1981-2017
Gulf Coast (PADD 3)

48,044 47,681 forty two,822 forty eight,688 forty five,459 47,873 1981-2017
Rocky Mountain (PADD 4)

2,610 2,699 2,519 2,357 2,373 2,518 1981-2017
West Coast (PADD 5)

23,429 23,202 23,756 22,247 24,394 24,633 1981-2017

– = No Data Reported; — = Not Relevant; NA = Not Available; W = Withheld to keep away from disclosure of individual firm data.

Notes: Crude oil stocks within the Strategic Petroleum Reserve embrace non-U.S. stocks held beneath overseas or business storage agreements. Bulk terminal stocks embody stocks held by service provider producers. Stocks are reported as of the last day of the month. RBOB with Ether, RBOB with Alcohol, and Reformulated GTAB Motor Gasoline Blending Components are discontinued as of the January 2010 reporting interval. Starting with data for January 2005 complete crude oil and petroleum products stocks do not include lease stocks. See Definitions, Sources, and Notes hyperlink above for more data on this desk.

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