The Weber Q one hundred twenty is a small gasoline grill with an electric starter and a nonstick cooking floor made from enamel-coated solid iron. Cooking hamburgers on a Weber Q a hundred and twenty is similar to cooking on different fuel grills. The Weber has a management valve, letting you set the flame to an acceptable stage to keep away from overcooking the meat. Once you’ve assembled your grill and hooked it as much as a small propane tank, you’re prepared to start out grilling your hamburgers. Place a disposable aluminum baking pan in the underside of the unit to catch grease and forestall messes.

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Getting ready
With the grill’s lid open, turn the management knob to the beginning or high setting and push the ignition button to light the grill. Push the button several occasions until you see flames so you can make sure the grill is lit. Shut the lid and let the grill preheat for 10 to quarter-hour on the excessive setting. Watch the temperature gauge on the outside of the grill. When the temperature reaches 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the grill is prepared for grilling burgers

Place your burger patties on the recent grill grates straight over the flames. Grill the patties for 3 to 5 minutes per aspect, relying on how well executed you want the burgers. Grill the burgers with the lid open. To make cheeseburgers, place a slice of cheese on top of every patty and shut the lid for the final two minutes of cooking time. Examine the burgers for doneness with an internal meat thermometer. Pull the burgers from the grill when the inner temperature reaches 155 levels Fahrenheit for medium burgers.

Turn the heat management knob to the “Off” position and let the grill cool fully. Remove the disposable foil drip pan from the bottom of the unit and throw it and its contents away. Scrape the grill grates with a stainless steel grill brush to remove any leftover cooking debris. You possibly can clear the skin of the grill housing or the grill grates with warm soapy water if mandatory. Avoid using any harsh, abrasive cleaners, such as these made with citrus, on your grill.

Grilling Suggestions
Make your burger patties on the thicker aspect to forestall the meat from drying out on Refinery Equipment manufacture the grill. Brush the outside of the patties with olive oil earlier than cooking to maintain the meat from sticking to the grill. You’ll be able to further help your burger patties hold together while cooking by including eggs and breadcrumbs to the meat earlier than cooking.

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